Are There Problems In Puerto Rico For The Ladies Of RHOBH?

Aedan Juvet
Staff Writer

Pour yourself a glass of Rosé and join us for this weeks RHOBH recap, This week starts out with Joyce deciding she’s still going on the trip despite her father’s passing, noting her dad would want her to. We see all the ladies packing in preparation for the trip to Puerto Rico and Kim gives us a Spanish lesson letting viewers know that it may be a little more than choppy, her example translates as “Yes so please, all of the people here is love of boys, the boys with the garlic. The water below for the, you know.. water.”  I could listen to Kim’s “Spanish” any day, just saying.

The ladies jet of to Puerto Rico,  and as they arrive Joyce stops, hair flips, and poses for paparazzi.

When they arrive to the resort Lisa shows a snobby side when she’e given a bedroom with one bathroom for her and her husband Ken to share. Really Lisa? I can think of worse things. As the night begins to progress, Brandi drinks wine while confessing her problems with Lisa to Yolanda regarding her decision to employ a woman who contributed to her marriage to ex, Eddie Cibrian. The next day, Joyce decides to set up a trip to an island for the ladies (Perfect setup for a confrontation.) As they arrive Brandi passes up alcohol, (alert: Brandi actually passes up alcohol for the first time) the girls have a sit down and Yolanda pulls Lisa aside to confront her over her concerns and problems with Kyle’s friendship. Yolanda feels the friendship is phony because of her attitude towards Kyle.  As the others gather, Lisa gets flustered and storms off getting emotional.

Then, Brandi decides to drop a new bombshell, revealing to Kyle that Lisa wanted to bring the tabloids containing the cheating rumors regarding Mauricio, Kyle’s husband. They insinuate Lisa’s motives were to confront Kyle on camera, trying to place them in Brandi’s luggage for the previous Palm Springs trip, and Brandi disagreed. Kyle is shocked, and when word gets back to Mauricio via Kim, he confronts them to hear Lisa and Ken deny, deny, deny. When it gets heated Ken concludes that they need to ask Brandi then, to which Lisa objected, “Maybe we shouldn’t bring it up just let it go…” …hmm strong argument until then Lisa.

That night, the women get ready to go out for dinner, and on the ride over Lisa decides to ask Brandi where all this comes from. Brandi questions Lisa’s closeness with Scheana, mistress of Glanville’s ex and Vanderpump Rules star. Lisa downplays the relationship and Brandi fires back saying she’s heard otherwise and credits the friendship as a ploy to stir up more drama. Brandi even points out the fact that Lisa has had Scheana attend Dancing With The Stars tapings.

As a viewer I have to point out that while Brandi doesn’t exactly come off as the most honest or genuine person, some of the ladies points against Lisa appear valid! After everyone has a few minutes to chit chat and enjoy the food, Kyle decides it best to ask Lisa and Brandi what happened regarding the tabloids to confront Kyle on the cheating rumors. Ken quickly jumps in to defend his wife and denounces the claims as lies and bullshit, (while chivalrous, he wasn’t actually there so he’s unaware as Kyle) Lisa becomes clearly nervous changing her answers. Kim, who kept trying to get the truth out, becomes aggravated when Ken tells says she shouldn’t say anything. Kim steals the show by going off on Ken, calling him a stubborn old man and that he basically needs to let Lisa get reprimanded for her actions. Lisa and Ken decide to leave, (I’m guessing they didn’t even get dessert) and return to their room to share a cigarette, while coming to the realization that she’s now on the outs with the ladies.

Join us next week for the RHOBH aftermath!

Favorite quote this week goes to Kim Richards while yelling at Ken, “I’m tired of your goddamn mouth, you’re a big stubborn old man,  shut up. I’ve had enough of you!”

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