5 Reasons The Crazy Ones Deserves A Renewal

Aedan Juvet
Senior Staff Writer

CBS recently picked up nearly all of its current programming for the 2014-2015 season, with no mention for its freshman series The Crazy Ones.  I personally have found the show to be the best new comedy series on TV this season and believe it deserves a spot on next year’s roster for the following reasons, so listen up CBS executives!

1. The Ensemble

The cast has an incredible dynamic among each costar, fitting in a necessary role.  It manages to surround characters with such differences in personalities and still appears to have genuine connections. There’s Simon, the mentally scattered and sometime unpredictable boss of the advertising agency, and Sydney, who is the eccentric and hopeful/hopeless romantic that we all (or just me…) can relate to. Andrew and Zach, the bromance of the work place, Zach being the charming womanizer and Andrew who’s brainy and timid while seeking confirmation from those around him. Last but not least, the quirky oddball and sometimes creepy Lauren who always manages to share a story that leaves you bewildered. You can really tell the cast enjoys one another, which translates well on screen, not something all cast and crews can say.

2.  It’s Actually Hilarious!

I don’t watch any sitcoms right now on television besides The Crazy Ones and The Mindy Project. I find most sitcoms to be crammed full of forced jokes and nonsensical puns with a heavy dose of studio audience applause to remind you where jokes are placed. A smart single camera comedy is just what CBS needed to branch out and gain new viewers    (like me!).

3.  Advertising

The Crazy Ones is about a group people who work in the advertising world, which provides a platform for eclectic guests, like this seasons video game, spa, and even continent themed clients (Sydney, you’re one of a kind).  With this setting there are practically no concerns of running out of ideas for an Advertising Agency.

4.  Star Power

Of course the ensemble as listed above is stellar, but it also provides two major           names returning to one series. Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar already have     strong fanbases, and having a show with numerous fan followings is a good reason to keep it on the air.

5.  Stable Ratings

The show debuted with extremely high ratings and settled with still strong numbers that have proven to be consistent without lead-ins, averaging higher the average scripted demo for other networks.

So there you have it, hopefully CBS sees some of the qualities fans have loved and decides to bring it back next season, otherwise, we riot!

The remaining episodes of The Crazy Ones air Thursdays at 9:30 PM on CBS.


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