Aedan Attends The Premiere Of Hemlock Grove Season 2

Aedan Juvet
Senior Staff Writer

PopWrapped’s Aedan Juvet was recently invited to the premiere of the insanely gory horror series, Hemlock Grove!

Hemlock Grove premiered last April, shocking audiences with its pull-no punches attitude and in your face violence from executive producer Eli Roth.

The Season 2 premiere not only kept up the intensity that the series maintained through season 1, but managed to up the ante with the COOLEST werewolf transformation scene ever done on film and television (I promise it won’t disappoint) and the return of the Godfrey matriarch with a new tongue and voice. Destiny Rumancek, everyone’s favorite gypsy fortune teller turned waitress is also back with a seemingly bigger role with more
time to shine.

We also see Roman has become the Godfrey Institute head-honcho, while Peter has to deal with some serious mother issues that
bring him back to Hemlock Grove.

Roman and Peter shippers may be saddened by the rocky relationship from the premiere, but let’s be honest, nothing can keep these two apart. During the Q&A, star Landon Liboiron said of the troubled pair:

“It’s very clear that Peter doesn’t want to go back to that at all.It’s clearly out of desperation that he [Peter] goes back to Roman, it’s tragic that this friendship had to end, but he’s using Roman as a last resort.”

IGN’s Eric Goldman, who held the Q&A asked if Roman may be more cautious of who he lets in after Roman and Peter part ways, to which Bill Skarsgard said:

“He’s doing his thing. (laughs) It’s a shitty way to apologize, or to just show up at someones doorstep. Especially because Roman feelsthat Peter betrayed him and left him when he needed him the most. Then he shows up asking for money which is kind of what everyone does with Roman, and I think he expected a little more from Peter.”

We briefly catch a glimpse of new potential villains with sinister white masks and a whip/pain fetish that will keep you out of the woods for quite some time.

The premiere was a solid A+ and will have me binge watching the rest of season 2 before the weekend concludes. I INSIST that you go catch up on the original horror series as soon as possible!

Keep up with PopWrapped for more coverage on the second season’s key moments and thrills!

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