An Unhappy Birthday For Beverly Hills On RHOBH

Aedan Juvet
Senior Staff Writer

It’s finale night on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! After a season of tabloid scandals, changes in friendships, witchcraft, and some offensive language (Brandi Glanville) the fourth season of the Bravo series is coming to an end. This week, the ladies are all going to a birthday party for Beverly Hills. (I can practically hear people scoffing)

It marks the first time the women have been together since the heated confrontation in Puerto Rico when the girls questioned Lisa about possibly trying to set up some awkward camera moments about Kyle’s marital rumors. When the cast all arrives, the awkward greetings begin. Yolanda and Kyle approach Lisa to say hello which results in an awkward silence, and Ken avoiding them. Eventually, Kim makes her way to Ken and Lisa to apologize for her actions during the Puerto Rico trip and Ken accepts, then walks away. Not exactly the nicest action for someone who wanted an apology, just throwing that out there.

Brandi and Carlton strike up a conversation and when Brandi expresses (once again *sigh*) her issues with Lisa, Carlton rolls her eyes which causes Brandi to become agitated. Brandi then questions if Carlton has had Lisa in her ear feeding her information which she claims happened to her before.

Later, Lisa pulls Kyle aside for a one-on-one conversation to explain why she left. She is adement she had nothing to do with the cheating tabloids being brought up like Brandi and Yolanda have insinuated. Kyle says that she wants to move forward and not get caught in the drama and Lisa says she can’t do it anymore herself.

In a surprising bonding moment, Yolanda and Kim  discuss how they’ve dealt with sending their daughters off to college, and the sadness that comes with it. After a rough reunion between the two last year, it’s quite interesting to see how far they have come.

Brandi decides it’s time to discuss her issues with Lisa, but first gets a drink of course. Her main issue seems to be the Scheana situation, and the fact that Lisa continues to push the two to be around each other. Brandi explains that she doesn’t care at all for the woman who she says contributed to the downfall of her marriage after the affair. Brandi labels Scheana with a few unkind words, and Lisa basically informs Brandi that she doesn’t see her in the same light. This pushes Brandi to claiming that maybe the two aren’t really friends after all. When Lisa attempts to explain her issues, Brandi dismisses her saying it doesn’t matter, it’s all about Brandi; which is exactly what viewers are getting tired of. By the end of the conversation, reconciliation seems unlikely for now.

Ken and Mauricio talk it out, and like most guys the issue is cleared up (not fond of Ken’s constant Kim bashing though.).

Yolanda and Brandi once again pop up with accusations against Lisa, and she sticks with her story of not being aware of the tabloid drama. Things get uncomfortable when Yolanda says her husband, David Foster, wouldn’t be around someone like Ken. Brandi chimes in adding and “her husband has a job.” Really nice thing to say to someone you claim to love.

Lisa and Ken leave the party, and the final scenes show that the rest of the ladies seem to be coexisting well (minus Kyle and Carlton of course).

We learn that since filming Yolanda is moving closer to Beverly Hills and out of Malibu, Joyce will host the Queen of the Universe pageant, and Kim is starting to live her new life with her youngest now moved out. As for the other housewives, Kyle is helping her daughter Portia become a child actor, Brandi has a new bestselling book, and Lisa is opening her gay bar Pump, while Carlton still wants nothing to do with Kyle.

It was an interesting shift this season, and it should be an entertaining drama filled reunion, Come back next week for the Reunion Recap!

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