Emotions Run High During Part 2 Of The RHOBH Reunion

Aedan Juvet
Senior Staff Writer

Its round two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, and the not so subtle insults, and epic eye rolls are in full force! When we pickup from last week’s dramatic events, Carlton and Kyle’s dislike for each other becomes a hot topic. Kyle explains that she welcomed her into the group with open arms but believed Carlton to have been a previous viewer of the show who came in judging Kyle before even knowing her. Carlton was quick to deny the more than probable reasoning, which prompted host Andy Cohen to add that she must have at least seen episodes before joining. She then changed her response, admitting she may have seen a couple. (Really, you want people to believe you went into the show not knowing about the franchise?) The attention shifted to Carlton’s witchy ways (as in a practicing Wiccan) and explained the times she would dabble into the dark arts through childhood, because of her crappy stepfather. I absolutely hate when someone makes me turn to black magic!

Kyle tries to honestly explain a misunderstanding between a Pentagram and Star of David, yet Carlton is still certain she was being offensive. Kyle says that she knows the difference between the two and that she knew what a pentagram was because of Richard Ramirez, the night stalker. Yes, that actually happened. When Lisa questions Kyle about her feeling guilt over the anti-Semitic comment regarding Carlton, Kyle answers after a long pause…..and says yes.

Courtesy of Zap2It
Courtesy of Zap2It

The group begins to discuss their children’s transitioning to college, triggering the water works and some light bonding but only temporarily, as these women thrive on the conflict (as do the viewers.) Yolanda forgets if her daughter is rookie of the year for Victoria’s Secret or Sports Illustrated, and Kim’s daughter has succumbed to sorority life. Brandi admits wanting to bring her children to show she’s not just an obnoxious drunk, but luckily for her children’s sake her ex husband won’t allow them to be televised.

Up next is the ongoing fight between Lisa and Kim. The two clearly haven’t been best of friends and Lisa, in an attempt to show she does in fact care for Kim, says she reached out to her when her son had a medical problem. The fact that Lisa brought up something Kim was clearly not dealing with on camera, showed what her character was all about and I found it unsettling that someone would bring one’s child into discussion. Kim was very upset and said she never mentioned anything regarding her son, citing her distrust for Lisa.

Lisa once again conveniently forgets about her or Ken’s wrongdoings, something I’ve become accustomed to. Kim apologizes for offending Lisa, and emotionally tries to explain she has always wanted to work on a friendship. Allow me to clarify my feelings, I do in fact like Lisa but find her sneaky ways to be distasteful.

Courtesy of Zap2It
Courtesy of Zap2It

The subject of Brandi’s downward spiral begins, reliving her issues with her father, excessive alcohol consumption, and losing her dog. She’s a whole lot to handle.

Brandi and Joyce exchange words about who does and doesn’t contact “paparazzi’s” which got legitimate laughter from me in a game of, which one of us is more successful. Joyce states Brandi needs to cut the bullshit and stop making everyone feel sympathy for being a single mother while she is extremely blessed with her career and ability to support her family. Yolanda does the only thing she is good at, chiming in about things not concerning her. If Yolanda isn’t replaced next season my DVR will get used to the fast forward button. Joyce continues to talk circles around Brandi, seemingly showing her that she may be an author but not exactly well spoken.

Next week the reunion concludes with a final confrontation between Lisa and Kyle, along with their husbands.

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