Exclusive Q&A With Sailor Moon Voice Actress Linda Ballantyne

Aedan Juvet
Senior Staff Writer


Sailor Moon recently celebrated its 22nd anniversary, and premiered their new series Sailor Moon Crystal to a whole new audience as well as their long time dedicated Sailor Moon fans. To make the celebration all the more special PopWrapped was given the chance to ask Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon herself!) about the iconic anime series that impacted children for multiple generations. The veteran voice actor was kind enough to give us some insight on who else she would like to voice, the Anime Expo experience, and her thoughts on the anime’s  LGBT relationships in today’s society vs. the previous series.

If you had the opportunity to voice any other character from Sailor Moon, who would you choose and why?

Linda Ballantyne: I always wanted to play one of the villains on Sailor Moon. I love being the bad guy. It’s just so much fun. They always think they are the greatest, most powerful, untouchable people but they always lose. Going from the top of the heap to the bottom is just fun to play. And they can never believe they actually lost. It’s fantastic!! But if I had to choose another Scout it would be Jupiter. I love how much of a tom-boy she is. She’s a lot like me in real life.

Do you have a favorite episode during you’re time voicingSailor Moon?

Linda Ballantyne: It’s hard to nail down a single episode as my favorite. I liked when Rini and Serena switched ages. That was fun because I voiced it with Sugar in the studio. Normally we’d be recording on our own. It was fun to play with her and the episode was pretty funny so we laughed a lot that day.

Courtesy of Sailor Moon HQ
Courtesy of Sailor Moon HQ

What was your initial reaction when Sailor Moon Crystal was announced?

Linda Ballantyne: I was so excited. The fans have been waiting so long for this and to have it announced officially meant it was really going to happen. The buzz has been amazing!!!

What character would you say you related to the most?

Linda Ballantyne: While I’m a lot like Jupiter in my tom-boyishness, I’m most like Serena/Moon. I am a bit of a goofball. I don’t take things too seriously but when push comes to shove I am definitely a leader. I will fight tooth and nail for something I believe in.

Courtesy of Sailor Moon News
Courtesy of Sailor Moon News

WhenSailor Moon aired in the US, they changed the relationship between Uranus and Neptune from romantic to being related. Do you think that social views have changed enough to incorporate that relationship in the upcoming series?

Linda Ballantyne: Absolutely!!! At the time North America wasn’t ready to have homosexual relationships brought out front and center in a children’s show… although maybe it would have helped the cause. But times have changed. Now it’s not a huge controversy. It’s an accepted way of life… at least where I live it is.

Courtesy of PhotoBoats
Courtesy of PhotoBoats

You recently attended Anime Expo, it was insanely crowded with more 65,000 people. What was that experience like?

Linda Ballantyne: Anime Expo was like nothing I have ever seen before. I am still in shock as to the number of people who attended. As a voice actor people don’t usually recognize you at conventions. I can walk around and talk to people and they have no idea who I am. But at Anime Expo when we’d walk to the different venues people would cheer and rush forward to get autographs. It was overwhelming… in the best possible way! We had an absolute blast!!! The only drag was we couldn’t get through the lines of autographs fast enough so a lot of people had to be turned away. That breaks my heart. So many people had traveled so far just to get their moment with us and we just couldn’t get to everyone.

I do a number of conventions across North America and I’m always posting on Twitter (@LABallantyne) where I’m going to be next. I promise to do my level best to meet as many of my fans as possible… In the name of the Moon!!!!

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