RHONY Return! Recap Here

Aedan Juvet
Senior Staff Writer

Back to the big apple!

The new season of The Real Housewives of New York premiered last night, and if you are like me it’s been a long wait for a glimpse of a pinot crazed Ramona, her partner in crime and occasional cougar on the prowl Sonja, and successful author and legitimate princess Carole. I wasn’t exactly waiting for the other women though, sorry Heather and Aviva…

This season we are introduced to new housewife Kristen, who attempts to intermingle with the fellow NYC housewives. Kristen is a model; tall, blonde, pretty, and she definitely embraces it. She pokes fun at herself saying she knows she isn’t exactly a scholar, “but I’m pretty!” I guess we had been missing a self proclaimed beauty from the mix until now.

Kristen is a mother and wife, although she comes off as weary of both, detailing that she wants to pen a book explaining her love of being a mother but that it sucks (her words). She doesn’t exactly come off as the most dedicated member of her family, but it’s only episode one and time will tell. The newbie also reveals concern for her marriage, saying that they have been married eight years and can hopefully reach nine. It’s never good when you are hoping just to make it one more year. I will give Kristen credit for coming off as genuine. She may not be perfect but as you can tell she embraces life and seems to give herself to the viewers, unlike the ladies who constantly want to dismiss things to the cameras.

We see that Ramona and Sonja’s odd friendship continues, with a few more insults being flung between one another. As Kristen meets the girls, she instantly compares them to having two drunken aunts (I’m liking her commentary already.) Sonja seems as scatterbrained as ever even with countless interns at her side. Sophomore housewives who met last season, Heather and Carole, have become best friends and even spend time together through assisting with business (Heather needs to tone down her controlling ways!)

The one thing everyone has in common is that nobody has spoken to Aviva, and there is genuine concern about being around her after her extremely confrontational ways and bad timing last season. When Heather has a party to assemble the ladies, Aviva walks in with a completely changed persona, and is overly nice which even causes me concern! Aviva first makes her way to Carole and basically forces her book idea upon her, requesting she help, edit – basically anything she can get out of her (Carole is displeased and is reminded why she avoids her).

Eventually Aviva explains that she was misunderstood and wants a chance to start fresh with Ramona. The two decide to meet for drinks. When the meeting commences, Aviva begins to make playful jokes about Ramona, complimenting her hair, beauty, and everything people who are sucking up would say. It couldn’t be more uncomfortable. By the end they have seemingly decided to mend their rocky friendship (I’m still convinced Aviva is an evil mastermind and Ramona just wants compliments).

In the end, I find myself remembering why I’ve missed my favorite crazy ladies of NYC, and the season preview shows much promise. What were your thoughts on the premiere?

(Quote of the week comes from Ramona, discussing Aviva’s initial reconciliation attempts: You’re lucky I’m not stabbing you with a knife.”)

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