The 90210 Is Heating Up On This Weeks Episode Of RHOBH

Aedan Juvet
Staff Writer

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we see the ladies of the 90210 slowly but surely attempting a coup over one of the original housewives, Lisa Vanderpump.  If you watch the show, you’ll know Lisa has always been someone quick witted and usually has a nice subtle dig at fellow housewives in her interviews. Every season, there always seems to be one woman to take the most heat and it seems as if Lisa is no different. We see Brandi in this episode making her rounds to fellow housewives, attempting to insinuate that the original British housewife, Lisa, may be up to more than meets the eye, claiming she’s manipulative and too powerful to cross. Brandi even went as far as aledging that Lisa may have had a former friend deported who spoke out against the star–clearly Brandi doesn’t understand deportation methods. While some of the women may be right about Lisa’s occasional snarky methods, claiming to be manipulated isn’t exactly new for Brandi (see Adrienne Maloof last season).

We also get a glimpse at Kim Richards (who I must say is looking happier and healthier than ever) bonding with former foe Brandi who started of despising each other at extreme levels. It’s always nice to see when enemies can make amends, especially on the Real Housewives franchises where they constantly change. Kim seems so much more comfortable in her own skin than any previous season and even showed some skin while spray tanning with new bestie Brandi for their upcoming trip to Puerto Rico, or Puerto Varta (possibly) according to Kim. Despite her geographical confusion, Kim is speaking up this year and proving that she’s not as passive as others.

Resident Witch housewife, Carlton, doesn’t appear much in this one, which fans were fairly pleased with I might add. She does make an appearance via potential spell (yes that’s right). Now, for the second time, a woman is curious over potential hexes. This time Kyle explains that her computer screen changed within moments with the words: Bigot, Larva, Wraith. These words were accompanied by pictures showing proof and, while creepy, I’ve never actually heard of a computer spell–but hey nowadays you can practically do anything online why not magic too? Ultimately, Carlton’s witchy ways are going to make her excluded for the upcoming vacay.

Yolanda has a party with ex-husband, Mohammad, to celebrate their daughter moving to New York to pursue modeling and college. All the ladies except for Kim and Joyce attend; Kim because of her daughter, and Joyce because of her fathers unfortunate passing. The extravagant dinner seems as if it will go nicely until Brandi gives Carlton a peace offering for Kyle which Lisa points out doesn’t match the necklace she gifted previously (sneaky, sneaky Vanderpump). When Kyle confronts Lisa within moments, Lisa realizes her friends may be decreasing, and just in time for another trip where drama is a guarantee. Join us next week for my recap on the trip where we see Lisa Vanderpump confronted by the group.

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