The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Hash It Out At The Reunion

Aedan Juvet
Senior Staff Writer

And, so begins the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills three part reunion!

All of the women of the 90210 zip code are back together in their expensive elegant dresses, elaborate hair, and draped in gems to confront each other over the season to resolve, argue, and reminisce.

We pick up months after the finale that left Lisa Vanderpump feeling isolated from all of the fellow housewives including former partner in crime Brandi.  Almost instantly, Lisa accused Brandi of telling radar online that Lisa filed for bankruptcy with husband, Ken, years ago.  At first, Brandi tried to deflect and brought in Kyle.  This sparked conflict between the two as they list subtle digs the two have made at each other over the course of their “friendship” showing us the two will definitely be a center of conflict for this three part reunion.  Brandi attempted to say the two both have a similar personality, or sense of humor, and Lisa interjected definitely not the same personality. (Now that’s some housewife shade!) Yolanda spoke and… To be honest, it’s became too hard to even listen to her run in circles non stop about her painting party and Hollywood friends.  *sigh*

The next segment was a montage of Kim and her quirky one liners, love for her adorably intimidating dog, Kingsley, and finally feeling like herself for the first time on the show, after becoming sober. She clearly has found happiness this season and stands her ground on her issues with the women, like when they mocked her for praying by a trash can.  Does it really matter where she prays?

photo courtesy of Bravo
photo courtesy of Bravo

We the came back to the start of a Brandi and Joyce feud, starting with Brandi’s rude racial remarks, and calling her anything but her actual name.  From the jump it’s noticeable they would not be friends and the reunion managed to reinforce that. Brandi apologized for her previous offensive remark when Joyce informed them she couldn’t swim, and Brandi responded with, “You’re a black person. All my black friends can’t swim,” and somehow managed to make it about how hard the backlash has been for her.  While no one deserves to feel scared in public, I do hope she honestly realizes how her comments shouldn’t be tolerated.

Things took a turn, and the topic shifted to the “dream team” of Lisa, Brandi, and Yolanda, that quickly dissolved, leaving Lisa on the outside of the group.  Brandi said Lisa wasn’t genuine, and only appeared to care about Brandi’s constant drinking on camera, acting like she cares when they drink together without filming. Lisa said her concerns were valid, and she didn’t want the world to see her as a drunken mess (so true, I’d be embarrassed if I was constantly sloshed on camera).  Kyle agreed that the trio seemed like a mean team of girls.  Kyle got the chance to then respond to nasty comments from the three women.  Lisa apologized to Kyle for bashing Brandi.

photo courtesy of Bravo
photo courtesy of Bravo

The epic faint by Mrs. Vanderpump was brought up, and how she felt hurt by the thought they joked it had been possibly staged.  Host Andy Cohen mediated with a valid point, and asked if Lisa could take a sometimes harsh joke from the other ladies like she made at their expense?  To which there was no answer.

Yolanda once again chimed in to repeat herself on the same thing, seeking attention in things that doesn’t involve her whatsoever, she’s just so bitter from all of those lemons I suppose!

Next week the reunion continues, when the husbands join the cast to discuss their perception of the season.

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