Take Cover From The “Fog Of War” On This Week’s Episode Of The 100

The 100
The CW

After what seemed like too long of a break, The 100 picks up two days after Finn’s mental breakdown with him massacring a village of grounders. Clarke and Bellamy sit strategizing like the good ‘ol days with an attempt to rescue their friends. Clarke expresses her uncertainty of how to deal with Finn having avoided him, and Bellamy tries to reason that they’ve all done bad deeds. Clarke doesn’t seem to be as welcoming to Murphy as the others and only knows of his previous actions and new association with the mentally scarred Finn. Raven determines that Mt. Weather is jamming communication signals from the ark and with some persuasion from Raven and Clarke, Abby agrees to take their approach and rush Mt. Weather for the 47 captives.

The 100
The CW

Dante’s comrades insist that they consider using the 47’s blood to help maintain their lives, but Dante surprisingly puts his foot down and dismisses the notion because he refuses to use anyone involuntary (except for grounders…). Kane and Jaha remain held in a subway station where men arrive, who turn out to be tied to the village just killed. The warriors inform the two chancellors that one will die for their peoples crimes (good going Finn) by the others’ hand. A woman who entered earlier named Lexa sits in the corner informing the Jaha and Kane that 18 of their own, including children, were killed and their people seek justice.

The 100
The CW

Dante approaches Jasper who’s newly discharged from his life saving blood transfusion for Maya and expresses his gratitude, wrapped up with a request. He tries to push Jasper to inspire the others of the 47 in Mt. Weather to follow his actions to save/lengthen more lives. Bellamy and Octavia pull a planned side trip to locate an entrance regardless of Abbie’s disapproval. Finn has a moment feeling as if he’s being supervised by his friends and storms off with Clarke trailing to calm him. Before any real conversation can happen, thankfully that acid fog rolls in to defuse the moment. The Blake siblings and a team quickly find shelter and an entrance thanks to Octavia’s cunning ways as do Clarke and Finn who stumble upon the bunker where Finn’s first victim remains. If that isn’t awkward, I don’t know what is.

Raven being the brilliant tech-goddess that she is, finds the only unblocked signal which is faint but used by Mt. Weather, providing some way to gain intel. Finn tells Clarke he knows she doesn’t view him the same way anymore and returns her watch to show he cares, until he informs her that the dead man on the ground had it around his neck. Maya rushes in to see Jasper and makes casual conversation but holds up a notepad signaling the radiation breach was on purpose and to act normal while under surveillance. They follow her to a somewhat safe area and Maya shows them the room of captive grounders being drained. When they try to figure out why she decided to tell them this she begins to cry to Monty and Jasper because she was afraid that Jasper was next. They discuss potential escape plans but since Clarke’s sneaky escape, security has made it near impossible, leaving Jasper with the idea for them to volunteer like they are hoping.

The 100

Raven taps into the signal and they learn that the fog is actually a weapon used from Mt. Weather, an attack most definitely. The group with Bellamy and Octavia find themselves into some underground parking garage with no lights and Christmas music eerily playing on a loud speaker. Octavia and Bellamy continue together where they find reapers feeding on corpses. Just before Bellamy goes to shoot, Octavia halts him realizing Lincoln is now one. She tries to get through but he attacks and is knocked out by the two who are now injured seeking shelter.

The 100
The CW

After many different tribulations throughout his stint on the show, Kane makes the decision to take his own life. He refuses to let Jaha die for him so he cuts his own wrist open, however Jaha covers his wound and puts the knife to Lexa’s throat to save them both. She quickly fights her way out of his grip and is revealed to be the commander of their people trying to find out more on them. She sees that they truly desire peace, ultimately deciding to let them go with Jaha getting beaten to send a message and Kane re-imagining with them. Lexa insists that blood must be spilled for their people’s wrongdoings regardless of the situation. Octavia lures out the savage Lincoln and Bellamy strikes him with a taser rod so they can take him back to the camp.

Clarke and Finn await safety to leave the hatch and Clarke finally breaks the silence to inform Finn she doesn’t know him anymore, and he sadly responds that he doesn’t know himself anymore either. “What have we become?” Clarke asks him with a tragic tone exuding the pain and trauma they’ve all been through since landing on Earth. Perhaps life in space really wasn’t so bad after all.

Monty is now set-up in the hospital bed as a blood donor and Jasper sits with his friend, when Dante arrives to thank him for finding someone to help their cause. Dante leaves to speak with the Doctor and shares the future he believes to be done the good honest way. When left alone with his son, he accuses him of causing the breach to injure Maya but he claims he had no involvement. A bloody battered Jaha finds his way back the camp, though any happy reunion is cut short when he relays a message from “the commander” that they have two days to decide to leave, or stay and die. War seems imminent and no sign of Kane, it makes me wonder what will come of him..

Aedan’s Final Thoughts

-The parking garage scene was a nice horror/suspense nod
-What “Clarke would do” seems to be everyone’s go-to decision making process
-Raven and Octavia continue to impress with their survival skills
-Glad to see a more human/fatherly side of Dante, not the standard villain you’d expect
-Can we please not pardon Finn? Seriously though, the guy is beyond evil at this point!

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