The 100

Bellamy begins this week’s episode of The 100 by breaking into the harvest chamber to free the imprisoned grounders, with the knowledge that their people are en route for battle. The grounder that helped Bellamy escape is the first to be released and he entrusts her to gather the caged grounders and watch over his own friends, as he sends them to the chamber in hiding. While Bellamy frees them, Cage is heard on a loud speaker echoing throughout Mt Weather, urging the rebels to surrender the 45, so as to provide them all with treatments to survive the ground. Cage doesn’t trust that his proposal is enough, so he sends out search parties to raid homes. Guards come across a middle aged couple who are hiding Jasper and Maya, and are held at gunpoint when suspicion arises. Jasper and Maya give themselves up with the hope of saving the pair, but as they are taken into custody, the compassionate couple aiding the teens are shot and killed instantly.

Meanwhile, Clarke and Lexa solidify a plan to take Mt Weather, that involves separate teams with the primary goal being to shut off power long enough to get through the reinforced entrance of the mountain. Before anyone can make their way into the facility, Raven and Wick are needed to destroy turbines providing Mt Weather with power. Clarke then explains that their team at the door is additionally a distraction, so a team with Octavia and Indra can rally in a cave to sneak out the prisoners. Everyone has their role and the plan is in motion, consider it a unified front..for the moment.

The guards that have taken Jasper and Maya plan to use her to get the location of the others, but are halted by quick-shot Bellamy and Miller who take them out without hesitation. Maya parts ways with her father (with the intent of saving the others alongside Bellamy and Jasper) and shares an embrace with him that leaves a looming feeling hanging over the two as they part. Octavia and the team she accompanies continue down the mine-shaft, after battling reapers in search of the door to release their allies, with Octavia proving to be a formidable opponent and recieving acceptance from her Grounder peers. Raven and Wick attempt to set aside awkward tension after sleeping together and focus on the task at hand: blowing up the turbines. Unfortunately for them, they are short on bomb equipment which could jeopardize the plan.

Cage visits his father Dante (whom he imprisoned) and expresses his concerns for their safety. Dante lays the much deserved guilt on Cage and points out that in only one week he has ruined their chances of peace. Dante refuses his assistance initially but is persuaded to provide some insight to his son after being guilted by the lives that hang in the balance. Clarke and Lexa wait outside the entry way to Mt Weather and both show their desire to protect their own people, and the sparks between the two only build – nothing says doomedlike a new romance. Raven and Wick discover a way to cause an overload on the final turbine, and are interrupted by guards on patrol. When they approach, the two back up in time to avoid initial debris from the bombs, leaving the guards to be wiped out in the explosion.

The explosion successfully powers down Mt Weather and Clarke tries to set off an explosive device in the steel door, but the signal is jammed and Mt Weather has rallied defenses, who open fire from the surrounding woods. With time running out before a system reboot, Lincoln launches an arrow into the bomb, leaving it ready to be pried open. As life support will be focused on level 5, Maya is left in a predicament as being a perceived traitor by Mt Weather. Jasper assures his love interest that he will find a way to ensure her safety. Lexa’s group is apparently successful when the open fire ceases, so Clarke has a team pull the door open, only to be stopped by Lexa. As She returns, Lexa reveals that she had to do what was best for her people…which meant sacrificing the prisoners from the ark. Clarke is shocked that Lexa could betray her after not only an alliance, but establishing a close personal relationship as well; Lexa reminds Clarke she will do what is necessary for her people though. Lexa sounds the horn of retreat and calls her army back as the grounder prisoners are released. A ruthless decision by Lexa, but I’d expect nothing less after seeing her leave an entire camp for dead.

The team in the tunnels hear the horn, and Indra demands that they return to the commander, but Octavia protests. She refuses to leave her brother and Indra informs her she is no longer her second, disowning her after she just felt like she fit in. When prompted by some of the ark crew to leave with them, Octavia states “she has no home” and waits alone for Bellamy, a sad scene once again solidifying The Blake siblings commitment to each other. Elsewhere Raven and Wick sit in the rubble of the turbines, and Raven pleas that Wick doesn’t leave her alone, something she is all to familiar with, and he insists he would never leave her side – Raven finally gets a decent love interest, yay! The episode ends with the ark crew retreating after realizing they can’t obtain their people, and Clarke remains at the door hopeful they can figure out a way inside. Cage returns to his father and credits the treaty with the grounder as Dante’s idea, which he clearly struggled with, but ultimately decided it was essential to the survival of his own people. Next week the two part finale of The 100 concludes, and anything is possible! Check back here for the play by play next week to discuss the climactic conclusion!

Aedan’s Final Thoughts

-Every leader made a cutthroat decision to help the longevity of their own people.

-Lexa’s betrayal is expected, but still gut-punching nonetheless.

-Clarke’s decisions thus far have proved to be dangerous for the people from the ark.

-Octavia readily shuns anyone if it means aiding her brother, I seriously love their bond.

-I’m nervous for Raven, but remain hopeful for her and Wick’s budding romance.

-Next weeks finale is sure to pack a punch, and Clarke will seemingly do anything to gain entry to Mt Weather.

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