The 100

We begin this week seeing a small shrouded steam-punk looking desert wanderer who happens to find a deteriorating Jaha stranded in the endless desert and just barely conscious on The 100. Elsewhere, Clarke is led in Anya’s custody before being shot at by mountain men (Mt Weather.) Clarke is pulled along but makes her way to grab one of the darts fired for later. Finn, alongside Bellamy, Murphy, and two others stumble across a plethora of bodies from an unlucky section of the ark in a destroyed mountain range area with flies swarming the dead. Before they can leave the location they notice a familiar face from the ark that is stranded below on a rocky ledge. Finn wants to leave and come back later for the girl, when Sterling already begins to repel down the cliff.

Raven is now on crutches and trying to find normalcy, and is summoned to return to her job to help but is clearly not used to her new physical boundaries. She is asked to create a beacon to help other ark stations find them which she seems glad to oblige, loving a chance to prove herself. Jaha comes to and is greeted by is desert savior Zoran, who is actually a young boy. He tries to establish communication, but is interrupted by his parents who seem to have a more aggressive side. Bellamy’s group attempt to save the stranded woman on the crumbling cliff and Sterling comes close before plummeting to his rocky death. Finn wants to once again disregard the girl in his blind quest but Bellamy pushes his hand for them to do something to save someone in front of them.

Jaha awakens to find the mother of Zoran with elaborate braids and a face tattoo like Mike Tyson who feeds him some bug meal of sorts. Zoran rushes in to inform his mother he’s located food and his uncovered face reveals a disfigured appearance with a large gash and mutation from radiation. Raven joins Wick (an engineer from the ark) where the two simultaneously flirt, before he offers a makeshift brace to help her leg that she shoots down, acting as if she’s completely okay.

The 100

Clarke determines Anya must have a tracker under her skin, and when she offers to remove it Anya savagely takes a chunk for her own arm, spitting the piece of skin, tracker, and a mouth full of blood. This probably was not Clarke’s first idea on a solution, but still successful. Bellamy is lowered by his comrades and they get close to saving the girl until a group of grounders attack. With the girl getting shot in the leg, they barely pull the two up thanks to a horn that startles the attackers. Octavia appears as the savior, and is finally reunited with her loving older brother.

Raven continues to deny any physical handicap and even when prompted by Wick she ignores his advice trying to climb up a tower. She soon begins to struggle, becoming emotional with the realization setting in that she may not have the same control over her body like before. Raven gets encouragement from Mick to finally accept help from those around her and find ways to overcome her issues, so she finally puts on the leg brace as an olive branch and staggers across to him showing progress. The two have a few barbs and Raven quickly comes up with a solution to the other issue about an alert.

Jaha speaks with Zoran, encouraging him not to shield his face, and gives him a chess piece he had kept along with him explaining he had taught his own son at his age. When asked about his son Wells, he shares that he chose his people over his son, however says he did love his so dearly. Clarke stops Anya to distract her, and uses the dart from earlier stabbing her in the jugular that results in the tables being turned on the grounder queen.
Jaha is startled by a scared Zoran who ushers him away as someone horse bound approaches. Zoran pushes for Jaha to leave, and when Jaha questions what will happen to them if he were to escape, he simply replies “We can take care of ourselves.”

The 100

A newly reunited Bellamy and Octavia decide to take the wounded back, while Finn and a now armed Murphy proceed to find evidence of their friends. Clarke finds her way back to the drop ship with an unconscious Anya, and the previous message left from her mother Abby is now unrecognizable, only able to make out her name. Anya rises and begins to attack Clarke, despite Clarke’s hesitation an all out brawl ensues. After a femme-fatale clash, Clarke topples Anya and beats her just shy of death until she notices a large balloon-ish floating device anchored in the distance confirming Clarke’s theory that her people are alive. Back at the camp the irritating blonde female officer shoots down the balloon, showing anger towards those involved now worried all grounders know their location.

The 100

In the unknown desert, Zoran sobs begging Jaha to run away while he still can and his mother admits to informing others of his arrival, (there’s a bounty on “sky people.”) Jaha shows no fear and acts as if he understands the duties that must be done at times to save your own family. He heads towards one of the men on a horse and is stricken down in the distance, with his current standing left potentially ambiguous. Clarke takes Anya with her to the Ark, and frees her hoping to form a treaty between parties to fight Mt. Weather. Any finally comes around to the thought, and takes off when she is shot and killed by gunmen at the Ark. Clarke sits over a dying Anya and a final shot shows Clarke being knocked out by one of the soldiers, leaving her in the custody of her own.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts-
-So relieved to see Bellamy and Octavia reunited!
-Raven and Mick are fun new pair to watch
-Clarke can add grounder-fighter to her resume
-Just when I’m starting to like Anya she has to go die?!
-Can’t wait for the upcoming Bellarke reunion!

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