freak show
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American Horror Story began this weeks episode with Maggie and Stanley formulating a plan to kill of one of the performers. Athough Maggie shows reluctance, she eventually agrees, but only for a profit increase. She may try to change her persona but the hesitation still seems to be present, which can only lead to trouble.

Gloria strolls down her elegant spiral staircase to discover the body of Dora her loyal maid. A devastated Gloria snaps on Dandy for the first time, and knows instantly of his involvement. Stanley conducts a meeting with Elsa and pretends to be associated with television and offers Elsa a show of her own. She quickly shoots the idea down claiming television is the death of art and civilization. Major LOL’s ensue. Jimmy takes a moment to practice his juggling (I suppose his other talents are better without audiences) when Maggie joins him to flirt. When he makes a move, she declines, which only upsets Jimmy and Maggie doesn’t seem to know what to do at this point. Desiree sits out of the show on account of her own sorrow for Dell’s lack of romantic interest, and after downing some alcohol and being comforted by Jimmy, the two give it a go, and his irregularly large hands get involved. Desiree cries out in pain while bleeding profusely, and the two beckon for assistance.

freak show
Courtesy of: snowqveen
freak show
Courtesy of: snowqveen

Elsa performs “Life On Mars” again for the packed show but is distracted by everyone’s apparent boredom that even leads to being booed while things are pelted at her onstage. Elsa sits in her tent defeated and when Stanley appears once again, she’s ready to have the TV talk. Ethel takes Destiny to her doctor, who was kind enough to treat the carnival folk earlier, and Destiny is informed that she’s 100% woman and that the bleeding was her having a miscarriage. The news is a lot for her to process, but the possibility of having a family seems to give her some sense of hope. Gloria assists Dandy in burying Dora in a now brick-laid garden, and explains he has the same issue from his father’s side of the family, mainly because they happened to be inbred. You know, just a scary life changing bombshell you’d love to be informed of.

Elsa gets dolled up and prepares to make her TV pitch, but she notices Stanley leaving with Bette and Dot in the backseat. In an elaborate hoax scene we are then tricked into thinking that the con artist poisoned Dot and Bette and they died a slow painful death, however it changes back to the scene before and shows they are alive and in his hands.

freak show
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Dandy works out in his tighty whiteys and his inner monologue explains his desire to be an actor. He shares on his “perfection” but he associates his mother as the reason he hasn’t been able to achieve his goals. Dandy decides to do act on his new-found murderous impulses and enters a gay bar where Dell also sits with guest star Matt Bomer. Dell shows a romantic interest in Bomer’s character, an escort. Dell goes as far to claim he loves his new companion which isn’t mutual after only knowing each other one month. When a heartbroken Dell is rejected, Dandy joins the desired escort with a mischievous smile. Elsa locates Bette and Dot and explains that she was offered a show, and lies about mentoring the two with a special seamstress (definitely not Elsa’s plan.) Dell makes his way back to Desiree she shares her news, and her knowledge of his son. The two get into an argument and she leaves the trailer to stay with Ethel.

freak show
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Dandy takes the escort Matt Bomer to Twisty’s old hideaway, and claims he’s not gay but asks him to strip down and just see what happens. The two get nearly naked and when Bomer turns to face Dandy, he’s stabbed repeatedly and a slowly dying Bomer begs for his life which Dandy does not oblige.

Gloria gets a call from Regina, played by Gabourey Sidibe, who expresses concerns for her mother Dora, Dandy’s victim. She oddly asks Regina her thoughts on her as a mother, and shows signs of guilt when she hears Dandy call for her, covered in blood from head to toe while Gloria is reduced to tears. Dell makes a visit to the doctor from earlier, and threatens his family if he tries to operate on her, breaking the doctor’s hand to prove his point. The final shot is of Gloria making her way to her front door, wear Elsa stands beaming with something she claims Gloria will want, presumably Dot and Bette who are also waiting in her car.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts
-I continue to feel slightly unstable from my odd interest in Dandy Mott
-Bette disregarding her safety for a new hat was a highlight
-The homoerotic tension was off the charts in this episode
-Bette, Dot, and Dandy could be a threesome of weirdness
-Poor Jimmy could really use some PTSD therapy

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