Delve Into The Mysteries Of Hemlock Grove Season 2 (Episodes 7-10)

In the previous review, I covered the first six episodes of Hemlock Grove’s second season. The last four episodes only improve on an already stellar season, with high stakes and unexpected villains. When we last left off, Miranda managed to sway Peter and Roman into a threesome to strengthen the bond amongst the intertwined characters. Multiple references are made (from all 3) confirming that there was definitive participation between all of them. Kudos to the writers for recognizing an essential bond between lead characters without making it necessarily two men fawning over one woman. It strays from the normal supernatural love triangle were used to seeing play out over film and television and also marks the official rekindling to the Peter/Roman bond. (the later scene with Peter/Roman/baby Nadia is perfection I might add.)

Courtesy of Netflix

Shelley finally finds herself reunited with Roman, and when the interactions occur, you remember why you care for them so deeply. Shelley deals with the struggles of youth and adults everywhere but intensified by her appearance. Pryce suggests his youthful perfect creation as a new Shelley and becomes keen on the idea of living in a new discreet form. as a viewer you want to scream “You don’t need it!” But one characters bastardly ways may prevent happiness for her. Basically season 2 was a huge f*** you to poor Shelley.

Courtesy of Netflix

Olivia seems to want to live life in a more humane aspect, and shows strength required to fight for her life. She even goes as far as showing affection for her daughter Shelley, and remorse for what she has done as a mother, a nice change of pace for her you can tell will shift. Olivia’s previous cruelness catches up with her when Norman starts to resent her when he learns of her deceptions. The season comes down with a confrontation between the two that is a fitting conclusion to the relationship. Shelley and Olivia have a few emotional scenes together that really show a new formed bond not seen in the first season, Just when you think Olivia has found her softer side towards daughter Shelley, she pulls an unthinkable action that causes immense grief and heartbreak for Shelley but is a necessary action from the writers to show the true darkness that resides in Olivia.

Miranda takes on more than one can handle, after learning of all the supernatural entities, and nursing a strangers baby. Eventually, she flees with baby Nadia only turning to the Godfrey family Doctor for assistance. After coming to the conclusion she hates everyone and everything about Hemlock Grove, Miranda makes a desperate last minute attempt at what she deems the right thing, to many others dismay.

Courtesy of Netflix

There is a showdown in episode 9 that brings all of the shows best elements together, with an all out action sequence, Nadia being one badass infant, and Roman intervening in a life or death moment with some truly spectacular visual effects. (I can’t spoil everything for you!)

Courtesy of Netflix

The villains tie in to season 1 recurring villains the order of the dragon, which is smart on the writer’s part to help with loose ends, and a twist that can’t be predicted in its entirety. The ending provides fans with a monumental cliff hanger leaving a couple characters lives in jeopardy and a new character/mythical beast/..? to deal with.

The second season really raised the bar that was set in season 1, and provides a unique set up for a third season. The characters found much more progress and development from not only season 1 but from the first half of season 2, unlike many series that seem to recycle the same character motives and personalities without real change. The cinematography of the season was so unique and well executed, unrivaled by other series currently airing. Hemlock Grove found its proper blend of horror and mystery with the second season, and proved it has a hard working cast and crew that each add to the show’s success. There is no doubt in my mind that Hemlock Grove deserves and has earned a third season, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for the brainchild of Eli Roth. Overall I give the second season of Hemlock Grove gets a 9/10 for its consistent evolution.

Overall Favorite Moments:
-Roman’s growth into an adult (a snarky one at that)
-Shelley finally speaks!
-Roman/Peter ship sets sail
-Famke Janssen (need I say more?)
-Disturbing dream sequences with plot importance
-Much more Destiny involvement
-Dr. Pryce serving sassitude like no other

After such an explosive second season, who is already chomping at the bit for season 3?

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