Real Housewives
Courtesy of Bravo

This week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi has relocated to a new home for the time being, and fellow housewife Kim arrives to assist and find out some of the details of Adrienne and Brandi’s brief interaction. Kim offers her own opinions, explaining she believes in the last year Brandi has grown and recognized the error in her past actions. When a group of hunky movers (in their early 20’s..) show up, the flirting ensues with the following quote from Brandi best summing up the scenario: “I didn’t plan on sexually harassing my movers but the boys were cute.” She elaborates that her relationship with JR is on the rocks, after he has maintained a relationship with a woman he cheated with though claiming to love Brandi.

Lisa Vanderpump welcomes a shirt designer to her house, and explains that all of her shirts are made custom from a Beverly Hills shop with the price tags ranging between $800-$1000. We meet Lisa’s newest housekeeper Magdalena, whom she met on the street as she was walking to another interview. I’m going to assume working for Vanderpump is much more beneficial anyways. Kyle and her family prep to leave for vacation—on their new private plane. Sooo Beverly Hills. Kyle expresses concern with her youngest daughter growing up expecting a lavish life, and stresses the importance of staying humble.

The newest housewife Lisa Rinna meets up for a lunch date with her 25 year old new manager who she says works consistently hard for her. One of the potential roles discussed is the upcoming MTV Scream series (to my knowledge she isn’t a part of Scream,) as a woman described as wanting to stay youthful or relevant, and with highlights which Lisa finds more than fitting. In her confessional Lisa adds that she’ll do anything to earn money, with a “yes” attitude at her career options. At the Foster house, David arrives home to find Yolanda cooking dinner in lingerie for date night, surprising her husband. When they sit down he relates it to another time she wore something similar in a public setting and said “if anyone saw you like that they’d think you were a hooker!” which Yolanda explains that wouldn’t happen, it’s “For your eyes only.” Yes, on a reality show with cameras around you, well received hint.

Real Housewives
Courtesy of realitytea.com

Brandi shares with Kim’s that she may have semi-hooked up with the 23 year old mover from earlier on in the episode. They proceed to have another discussion about JR, and Kim decides that they should spy on him to catch him with the other woman, thus helping her move on. The plan isn’t just that simple though. The blonde housewives decide to go in full disguise, with wigs, scarves, and hats. After the two decide hiding in the bushes isn’t inconspicuous enough they find a private spot to hide where the ultimately find him…alone. Despite the failed mission, Brandi decides it best to leave her former flame in the past and move on to newer or possibly younger men.

Kim and Yolanda both meet to go horseback riding down empty trails together, something I literally never would have thought to be real. They appear to be in a better place, despite a tense relationship in previous years. While off riding, one of the horses passes gas and when Kim makes a joke out of the situation a slightly uptight Yolanda believes others wouldn’t be so blunt and says “That’s Kim!” Yolanda explains in her interview that she sees Kim as a person with many layers, and at heart she is a genuinely good person. I concur Yolanda, I call her queen Kim for a reason!

Real Housewives
Courtesy of Bravo

After finally agreeing to meet up for closure, Brandi and Adrienne both arrive to a restaurant where Brandi plans on apologizing for revealing family secrets unknown to viewers. She does admit to being in the wrong, and credits some of her actions to backing up her former bestie Lisa. Adrienne is open to her apology and agrees to leave things on a civil note with Brandi, finally putting an end to unfinished drama from many seasons ago. Hooray for conflict resolution! For now…

Aedan’s Final Thoughts
– I surprisingly enjoy the friendship between Kim & Brandi
– It was good to see Adrienne show forgiveness
– Yolanda calling herself fat was eye roll inducing (sorry!)

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