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As the episodes of The 100 dwindle, tension is beginning to reach a boiling point! We first catch up with Jaha and his company, wandering the vast deserts in search of this so called “City Of Light”, but the only light they manage to discover is the bright lights of mines exploding around them. Two members of Jaha’s rag-tag crew are the unlucky parties that set the first few off, sending body parts flying and blood splattering onto the rest. “Yuck” is the appropriate word to describe what that must have been like.

Clarke and Lexa rally up their people (that is the ones they didn’t let DIE) in preparation to fight Mount Weather, once Bellamy manages to diffuse the acid fog that awaits the warriors. While he looks for it, he discovers the key card he managed to swipe has been revoked and is then pursued by multiple guards, who have learned the truth about his imposter persona. Since that leaves Raven incommunicado, she and Wick (a crew member/science whiz from the ark) begin a playful banter and start problem-solving against Mt. Weather’s defenses. Octavia continues to connect the dots of the missile strike at Tondc and confirms that she realized Clarke was fully aware of what transpired. When Lexa overhears, she reassigns Octavia’s duties to have one of her men assassinate the Sky Girl-Grounder. One more reason Lexa has been added to my s#!* list. After Bellamy makes his way back into hiding, he finds Maya’s father, who reluctantly decides to show him the correct route to get to the control panels for the acid fog. Bellamy is king.

When Clarke becomes wary of Lexa’s lack of trust, she finds her guard with an arrow drawn, ready to strike Octavia behind her back and quickly stops him – having a gun sure helps. She leads the man back to Lexa and confronts her for being cutthroat and emotionless. Lexa doesn’t respond to most of it, until she points out that she wouldn’t have left Clarke behind to die – cue loving gaze. Back in the desert, a rough sandstorm passes and the four member crew remain unmoved in fear of the mine placement. Jaha starts in about having faith, which leads Murphy to humorously urge him as designated navigator. When the sun rises, they notice a heavenly light radiating from just over the steep hill and the closeness drives one two ditch caution and sprint for this potential safe place, when Jaha pounces on the man and saves him from a mine in close proximity. After returning to their slow and steady approach, they make it safely to the hill and rush up to discover…a flatter portion of ground connected to the beach. Not quite the city Jaha had faith in!

Bellamy finds a large room filled with vats, tanks, and who knows what kind of substances. After patching through his walkie-talkie to communicate instructions with Wick and Raven, they begin attempting their takedown. The duo then plays off each other’s knowledge and figures out a way to talk Bellamy through neutralizing the fog, which is a momentary success! When Clarke and Lexa next meet to talk differences, Lexa makes every Clexa shippers dream, and passionately kisses Clarke.

After the two share this moment, Clarke pulls away and simply states she isn’t quite ready to be with anyone (Finn being recently dead, and Bellamy being in danger for her puts a damper on any romantic situation). Before the two talk further, Raven sends up a flare to alert the others that they can now freely march to Mt Weather for battle! The happiness of achievement kicks in, and the flirtation between Raven and Wick leads to the two getting physical; at least some people are getting some non-action, action!

Just as Bellamy prepares to leave, he notices something isn’t right with the equipment and tries to cue Raven. However, his signal is being blocked and it is revealed that Cane has been aware of their scheme, after patching their signal. They then reset the system, leaving the army in motion defenseless as they head to Mt. Weather. Bellamy is discovered by security and narrowly escapes through a ventilation system. Before making his exit, he leaves a blow torch against the flammable objects inside the chamber, stopping the fog from kicking in and results in a massive explosion throughout the level. That’s yet another time Bellamy pulls through for just about everyone! After their romp, Raven quickly pulls herself together, obviously feeling uneasy, and Wick stresses that he is willing to commit to her, but isn’t fond of the wavering. She then shifts her focus back to war to avoid addressing her current emotions. That’s one closed door for now.

The army of grounders and sky people nears Mount Weather and Clarke once again attempts to protect Octavia by taking her from the battle. Octavia isn’t fond of Clarke trying to give her orders after a complete betrayal and insists their relationship ends after they assure the safety of their friends. Indra probes Octavia for information on the discussion between the two and admits to knowing of Lexa and Clarke’s decision to leave Tondc before the missile strike. Octavia tries to understand how she could be okay with that, so Indra explains that in war, those are decisions made by impactful, strong leaders. I couldn’t DISAGREE more.

Back at the desert, Jaha, Murphy, and two others make their way to the so-called “City Of Light”, where they find a series of solar panels along the connecting beach. When they take in the areas surroundings, they disturb a small drone that surveys them and quickly flies over the water. Jaha leads the others to the edge of the ocean to follow the drone, and a small row boat (paddles included) waits ashore. He insists they take the boat to follow the device, and Murphy once again points out his blind faith-filled delusions, that he claims is their destiny. With nowhere else to go, they all enter and head of into the ocean in hopes of finding something more. Good luck fellas, you’re going to need it.

Next week we have part one of the two part finale, and if you know The 100, you know it’s going to be monumental.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts

-Murphy’s perfect satirical timing gives me life.

-Bellamy maintains his status as a boss, once again saving countless others.

-Octavia giving Clarke attitude is much deserved; sorry Clarke, I’m just not quite forgiving either!

-I fully approve of Wick and Raven.

-Before Clarke and Lexa can pursue anything further, she should really consider addressing her feelings for Bellamy. Not that I’m shipping the two, it’s just common courtesy for the person who risks his life for you!

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