Exclusive Q&A With Sailor Mars Voice Actress Katie Griffin

Sailor Moon started out as a manga series and anime that ended up becoming a global phenomenon, influencing pop culture even years after the conclusion of the original series. It introduced us to an ensemble of young women who needed no protection from a man, and served as a bridge for empowering feminist figures for a younger skewing audience of both girls along with boys everywhere.

I was lucky enough to speak to voice acting veteran Katie Griffin, who voiced a fan favorite Sailor Mars in the long running original series, recently took the time to answer a few Sailor Moon inquiries ranging from her character’s personality, strong leading ladies, and a hopeful thought about the future of Totally Spies.

Out of all 120 episodes you voiced Sailor Mars, do you have a favorite episode or storyline?

We recorded the show over 20 years ago, so it’s really hard to remember one specific episode, but I looooooved when Chad was around. Rei/Raye meant business. She was always so serious, so when Chad came along it was more fun to play. I looked forward to those scenes. I had high hopes for those two!!!

Sailor Moon
Courtesy of cdn.gaiaonline.com

Would you say you relate to Sailor Mars in any ways?

I relate to Sailor Mars in MANY ways. In fact, in all the years I’ve been doing this, Sailor Mars is the closest to my personality than any other character I’ve played. She’s fiercely loyal, strong, loves martial arts, sings…..other than her zodiac sign…heh…and the fact that she can summon fire and destroy evil, lol, Rei and I are very similar in character. I miss playing her sooooo much!!

What are your thoughts on the new Sailor Moon Crystal series?

I think it’s about time!! I think the fans have waited a very long time for a resurgence, so I’m extremely hopeful for the fans!! Long live SAILOR MOON!!!!

If you had to choose a favorite character besides Sailor Mars, who would you choose and why?

It’s really hard to look past Sailor Mars as a favorite!! lol However, if I absolutely HAD to choose, I believe Sailor Jupiter would be my favorite! She’s tough and feisty, too, and I suppose green is my SECOND favorite color.

Sailor Moon
Courtesy of senshi.net

What is one of your most memorableSailor Moon event/convention experiences?

Well, we’re heading off to Malta soon (woooohoooooooooooooooooo), which is a little island just south of Sicily, so I’m guessing that will be a tough experience to beat!! However, up to this point we’ve met so many incredible fans from all different conventions, we honestly feel incredibly lucky to be invited to each and every one.

With your history of voicing strong female characters (Sailor Moon, and Totally Spies) do you think that the concept of powerful leading women have continued consistently through anime and cartoon series today?

I think that Sailor Moon was definitely one of the pioneers for powerful leading women, certainly in anime. And yes, I DO think it has continued. It’s important. And, I know there’s an argument for how short their skirts are, or how ‘boy crazy’ the themes of episodes could get, but at the end of the day these girls kicked some serious BUTT!! They are all extremely strong characters, and all the rest of it completely subjective. I love playing strong characters! The idea of a young girl (or boy) relating, or being empowered or feeling connected to any character I play absolutely validates what I do. It’s fantastic!!

Can you give us any possible details on the future of Totally Spies?

Oh man, I would LOOOOOOOVE to record another season of Totally Spies! As much as I relate to Rei, Alex is so fun to play!! She’s adorable……….and, kicks butt!! lol It’s a very fun show, and I love everyone involved with it. I believe Season 6 is on air right now, and although there are rumors of another season, I haven’t heard a thing. Fingers crossed!!

Totally Spies
Courtesy of http://stuffpoint.com

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