Kim’s compassion Shines Through On This Weeks RHOBH

Bravo TV

The third episode of the RHOBH has Lisa Rinna opening the episode with plans for her upcoming birthday party at fellow housewife Lisa Vanderpump’s new restaurant, Pump, in West Hollywood. The soap star makes her ill will of aging known, after attempting to sugar coat her thoughts before finally embracing the unfortunate feeling of getting older. Some of the women begin to gather at Pump, and Rinna shares in her interview that being married to an actor includes different itineraries, often having to appear at separate functions. Despite his constant travels, she ensures that her husband Harry Hamlin will make it for her special birthday evening- just later than the others.

As everyone begins swapping “how I met my spouse” stories, Kyle divulges that when her and Mauricio first met, she was engaged to a CBS newscaster who was 24-years-older than Richards. The night Kyle and Mauricio met, she claims the two bonded over an evening that resulted in Kyle calling off the wedding soon after. Lisa Rinna follows up the story also telling the group that when her and Harry met, he was fresh of the heels of divorce from Nicollette Sheridan who happened to leave him for Michael Bolton.

Brandi continues to get settled in her new home and goes into her ongoing battle with ex husband and father of her children, Eddie Cibrian. The actor now is suing Brandi for around $100k for back child support and alimony which Brandi says is causing her outrageous attorney fees. She feels the money being spent could be going towards a college fund for the two children they have, and is overwhelmed by the climbing costs for legal assistance. Kyle and Mauricio are now prepping for yet another vacation on a private yacht for a trip through Spain (clearly Mauricio has really begun to rake in the cash) and they take their 6-year-old daughter Portia on a shopping trip for… Yacht clothing? Consider me puzzled. Some of the shirts, for children mind you, read as follows “Your Yacht Or Mine?” and “I Left My Louis In The Jet.” Kyle limits the items, which is more than reasonable, until you realize a grand total of more than $500 for children’s clothes.

Yolanda and her daughter Bella share a mother daughter lunch and Yolanda continues to show pride over her daughters. Yolanda describes Bella as the rebel who veers from the traditional characteristics of her family, and hopes to see Bella pursue a career in modeling over college if the opportunity presents itself though Bella prefers an education. Kim takes her daughter Brooke to find a potential wedding dress, with sisters Kyle and Kathy Hilton to assist. When Brooke comes out in her first dress, Kathy is extremely blunt and tells the room that she doesn’t see that as the dress and uses a few rough analogies to get her point across. I guess you have to respect someone who shares their opinions!

Kim shares a heartbreaking struggle, detailing her ex-husband Monty’s current battle with lung cancer that has now officially spread to his brain and spine. Monty is the father of Brooke, the bride to be, and ever since his diagnosis has lived with Kim who has cared for the man she calls her best friend. Kyle explains how strong her sister is with what she’s going through, and Brooke walks out in a stunning dress to her emotional mother exhibiting a heartfelt genuine moment of the love and strength Kim provides for her family.


The newest addition to the BH housewives, Eileen Davidson, meets up with Lisa Rinna where the two catch up and explain their past friendship from soap operas in the 90’s. Eileen is currently an actress on Young and the Restless, and a daytime Emmy winning actress who teeters between wanting the spotlight and shying away. Kyle and Brandi head off for a hike and Brandi spontaneously decides to call her friend-turned-enemy Lisa Vanderpump to invite her to a housewarming party.


The invite doesn’t bode well with Lisa who hoped to have received some sort of an apology for all of the allegations and issues between the two. The conversation begins to turn sour when Brandi’s phone dies, and Brandi uses Kyle’s phone to call Lisa back that makes Lisa doubt her truce with the brunette Richards sister.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts
– Kim’s huge heart is both adorable and admirable
– Kathy Hilton needs to join the housewives
– Lisa’s new restaurant Pump is gorgeous
– I find myself wondering if more soap stars means more potential drama?

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