Toe Tag Riot
Courtesy of Toe Tag Riot

Do you love Zombies and the LGBT community? If the answer is yes to both, then you’ll definitely be interested in the upcoming comic book mini-series Toe Tag Riot. In early June of 2014, comic book writer Matt Miner took it upon himself to create a series that incorporates fun horror moments while targeting those who serve as bullies to people of the LGBT community. The series protagonists are punk-rock zombies who regularly come into conflict with the well known (and despised) group The Westboro Baptist Church dealing with beliefs on sexuality, racism, and all of the hateful things the spew on a regular basis.

Initially the WBC backed the series, not realizing what it was advocating, and when they realized the purpose labelled Miner and artist Sean Von Gorman Westboro “insincere pervs” creating a book they believed will “split Hell wide open.” When asked what his thoughts are on the hatred from Westboro Baptist, Miner tells PopWrapped, “In my opinion, Westboro Baptist is good for three things: as a teaching tool (of how not to be), as comedic relief (since they’re largely irrelevant and laughable) and as zombie food. Their message is a joke, they’re a joke – sic’ zombies on ’em I say.”

The upcoming mini-series launches November 26th, and we had to find out what to expect from the fan-funded comic, and Miner hints, “Every issue of Toe Tag Riot deals with a new group of unpleasant and awful people. While on their tour throughout the 5-issue miniseries, the band runs across pockets of resistance: homophobic protesters, sexist dudebros, nazi skinheads and finally in issue 4 it’s what we’ve dubbed the “Wondrous Butchering of Westboro Baptist” – don’t miss out!”

Miner goes on to express extreme gratitude for the backers of the comic book series immensely, telling PopWrapped “Thanks to all the Toe Tag Riot Kickstarter backers, because without all of them this book never would have become a reality. We appreciate everyone having faith in this concept and seeing the value in laughing at the awfulness of the world by siccing punk zombies on them.”

The series first issue will be available this Wednesday November 26th in comic book stores and online. For a chance to meet the creative mind behind Toe Tag Riot, check the link below for an upcoming signing schedule!

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