The 100
The CW

On this week’s episode of The 100, a risky plan sends Bellamy inside Mount Weather to disable security precautions, and he finds himself in a quarantine intake chamber where prisoners are forcibly medicated, scrubbed down and experience downright intrusion of personal space (putting it mildly) in preparation to be another guinea pig for the blood harvest.

Very intense start to an episode that only continues to maintain its ferocity. Jasper has finally begun to question Monty’s whereabouts and Maya ensures him she will do what she can to aid them. Jasper then decides he will do something reckless in the meantime – confront President Wallace.

The 100
The CW

Clarke and company make their way back to camp while Clarke pushes her hand at proving her dominance as a leader to Abby (Clarke is getting quite sassy!). Men from Mount Weather pursue Clarke with orders to kill her and Lexa, who they view as leaders of both factions. Octavia steps up her warrior princess game, taking out the man before being ordered to kill from Indra. Clarke demands she keep him alive to get answers but it is apparent this is only the beginning of a struggle for Octavia’s loyalty.

Jasper confronts President Wallace (Dante) and when he guarantees he has no clue what is going on, Jasper pulls a sword on Dante but is quickly disarmed (give it up for him, he’s still spry!). Dante shows the strength of a good leader and takes him to find his comrades as opposed to imprisonment. When Clarke returns with her allies, they try to save an injured grounder who ultimately meets his demise (while Raven doesn’t react well to Clarke’s bossy attitude). Indra wants to see the Mt. Weather captive die for his actions, but Clarke and Abby maintain that he could be of use to them. Abby tries to speak with Clarke about the assassination attempt which she deflects as “another day on the ground.”

Back at Mt. Weather, Maya snoops around before coming across a strung up Bellamy in the harvest room. The two have never interacted until now, but she takes her chances and begins the process of unhooking him when a guard finds her in a classified area. She pretends that Bellamy is dead, and when he has the opportune moment, battles the guard. When it begins to look potentially dire, the grounder woman Bellamy encountered holds the guard to the cage while Bellamy strangles him to death (and bites! In self defense though…).

Maya overlooks the mayhem clearly shaken by the traumatic scene. Though she feels it’s the right call, these are people she knows and loves. A predicament not many characters face at the moment. Bellamy changes into the security wardrobe and urges Maya to leave, but she maintains her stance with them and will help Bellamy reach a radio to communicate with the ark. Before they can continue, Maya must first help him remove the tracer from inside is arm by cutting into it. Eek. They make their way to at least see who of the 48 is left, but Bellamy promises the woman who helped him escape he will return, a promise I seriously hope he can keep.

The 100
The CW

Dante and Jasper find the sneaky doctor doing procedures with Monty and others in distress, and Dante demands they are released despite the obvious views of the other advisors. Kane and Abby try to get answers from the Mt Weather captive who remains stone-faced, and Kane pushes for torture to receive answers while Abby disagrees. The two debate the issue and Kane says he will back her up if she is doing the right thing, and Abby protests that she is positive. The issue isn’t dealt with just yet, and the argument is put on a temporary hiatus. Maya begins to lead Bellamy to a radio, and has to stop Bellamy from killing one of the Mt. Weather residents. Watching these scenes from her perspective is incredibly interesting, as she takes a leap of faith with people she doesn’t know, but trusts her gut instinct hoping for the best. Dante arrives to confront his son for experimenting on the 48, and the power shift proves Dante is no longer calling the shots. His son claims they are ready to see the ground at any costs, and orders Dante’s imprisonment.

When Clarke establishes the Mt. Weather residents are now surviving on her peoples’ blood, she makes a move to kill and is shot down by Abby who reminds her that she isn’t the leader here (though that’s not clear to everyone.) Bellamy and Maya pass through the Mt. Weather pre-school where a child stops to talk to him, and is revealed to be the son of the man he just killed. A difficult pill to swallow for both Maya and Bellamy. Jasper and Monty rally their people and make an attempt to flee like Dante allowed, but with the new power shift everyone goes on immediate lockdown and is sealed in. Bellamy gets a signal via radio that cuts the argument short and he tries to express hope for a plan that doesn’t involve an all out massacre. Clarke reminds him of the prisoners being like a Trojan horse setup, putting a plan in motion.

The 100
The CW

Clarke and the grounders take the prisoner with intent to release him, hoping to relay a message that they have an army waiting. Abby tries to dissuade Clarke, with no success, who snarkily responds “You may be the Chancellor, but I’m in charge.” This moment seems pivotal to a shift in not only the mother/daughter relationship, but Clarke’s potential path toward being a threat to the safety of herself and others.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

-Clarke is letting her previous accomplishments get to her head, which can
ultimately be her downfall.

-Maya really shines this episode, and is given multiple layers of depth to her
character development.

-Octavia is teetering the borderline of Grounder vs Ark people, which I suspect
will change soon.

-Hoping to see Bellamy and cage-girl-grounder reunite to fulfill his promise.

-Abby’s personal concern for Clarke is showing through her leadership choices,
however she seems to be aware of the dangerous path Clarke is leaning toward.

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