The 100

We’ve come a LONG way 100 fans. It’s been a turbulent season of power shifts, alliances, betrayals and tragic romance for many this season, and the superb finale episode was no different.

This episode pushes everyone’s moral boundaries and begs the questions, what would you do to save your own people? That’s the situation Clarke finds herself in after the treachery of her former grounder allies. Many have died at the hands of Clarke’s decisions to save her own, however the young leader takes it to another level when she (and Bellamy) come to the conclusion they need to essentially kill every last human inside Mt Weather to save their imprisoned friends and allies. Men, women, children and soldiers. Not a single life is spared by the outside radiation that the pair are responsible for letting seep into the facility, presenting one of many controversial methods of survival for the sky people. This points out the most tragic aspect of war, unnecessary deaths. How many lives can perish being discarded as a simple survival tactic before one’s humanity itself becomes questionable at best? The complexity of Clarke’s moral compass starts to take its toll, leading her to depart from Camp Jaha now feeling guilt by just surrounding herself with the people she has killed hundreds of innocent lives for. While it is widely viewed as a mental retreat to focus on recuperating, Clarke is clearly abandoning those around her out of fear because she can’t come to terms with the lives she endangered or ended. By doing this, Clarke is actually leaving Bellamy to pick up the pieces of the traumatic events; setting up a new reign of power, outside of Clarke’s primary leadership.

Speaking of Bellamy, the Blake sibling spent an entire season doing right for his people, and in the finale ultimately sided with Clarke, assisting the demise of Mt. Weather. Do his actions alter him to the extent of Clarke? That’s debatable. While the survival standpoint is clear, Clarke spent an entire season more-or-less contributing to death (accidental, and by choice) while Bellamy mostly avoided getting blood on his hands. However, in this moment despite what different paths they’ve been down, both felt it was the necessary action. “If you need forgiveness, you’ve got it.” Bellamy tells Clarke before she leaves on her solo trek, echoing a sentiment from Clarke to Bellamy in season 1. The two are often on completely different pages, but will undoubtedly support each other when the chips are down. Right or wrong…

The 100 successfully takes us down varied paths of love, with a newfound tangible connection between Raven and Wick. After establishing her need and want for his presence, Raven is pushed to limits being subjected to torture (yet again!) and Wick’s inability to see her endure any cruelty, much like Abby an Kane’s dynamic this episode. By the end we see Wick carry her back to camp, showing the two are now inseparable. On the other hand..Jasper and Maya’s impossible love reached a tragic conclusion in the finale episode. Maya spent a big portion of season 2 shedding her Mount Weather attachment in belief of right vs wrong, proving to be a pivotal role in the survival of Bellamy and the others. Unfortunately, it’s the sky people who end her life, making you realize the sweet innocent girl (despite her self doubt) never had a real chance; this surprisingly made Maya the most gut-wrenching death of the season. Jasper is definitely shaken to the core, and instantly shows resentment directed at his friends who are responsible for Maya’s death; another avenue to be explored in season three.

Octavia continued to exude excellence as one of the most evolved and lovable characters of the series (ok, she also happens to be my favorite.) She has gone from sky girl to grounder in the blink of an eye, but when her real loyalty was in question she proved her brother was where her real loyalty lies. Octavia isn’t afraid to challenge people’s views, which is what makes her so fascinating, often calling out Clarke on her leadership ability and questionable choices. Her place as a true warrior was best shown as two guards of Mt. Weather have her at gunpoint, and the Blake sibling slings her machete into ones chest while superhero sliding her way into the others direction before slitting his throat in a matter of seconds. I cannot WAIT to see what season 3 holds for Octavia.

Cage went through a range of emotions in this episode, from being in power, to the loss of his father, anger, and pain..definitely pain.. As his reign of terror came to a close when Lincoln tracks down the leader, slicing off his hand and killing him with the drug he used to create reapers. A most fitting end to Cage, and good revenge for Lincoln!

Finally, Jaha and Murphy’s quest for this so called City Of Light concluded the season with an unexpected and jaw dropping twist. After getting separated Murphy finds a decked out bachelor pad blasting “Wearwolves of London” and discovers a video recorded the year the earth was destroyed..yep they went there. The emotionally distraught man mentions trying to stop “her” who was apparently responsible for the nuclear war. The man cannot come to terms with his role in the downfall of humanity and shoots himself in the recording. Consider me officially curiously creeped out. Jaha follows the peculiar drone to a mansion introduces him to Alie, and artificial intelligence that has been tracking him for a good amount of time. Jaha’s faith based quest feels lost which she says is very much a part of their encounter after receiving his “gift” and takes Jaha into a room containing the missile he used to arrive to earth, explaining “we have work to do.” This caught me completely off guard, and excited to me to no end, knowing season three will continue to explore what this artificial intelligence has prepared and the reasoning behind wiping out a majority of the human race. The conclusion left me eagerly anticipating season three, and the uncharted journeys that await all of the fascinating characters on what I consider the best(and most intellectual) show on television.

Overall Grade: 9/10

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

-I admire the shows pull-no-punches attitude in making you question the gruesome results of warfare, and its ability to make you perceive characters differently.

-The demise of Mt Weather was undoubtedly sad, (good job writers!) but none had the emotional equivalent of Maya. Her death should weigh heavy on both Bellamy and Clarke after her indispensable role in the survival of the sky people.

-The “promised land” story is by far the most intriguing thus far and should provide phenomenal possibilities for season three

-While Clarke leaving may not be the right action given the circumstances, her stepping down as leader is completely reasonable. It’s time to re-evaluate some of her life altering actions

-I say this often, but I love Octavia and feel she is both a strong warrior, and powerful independent figure who holds herself to a certain standard of right and wrong. I hope to see Octavia continue to discover inner and outer strength next season.

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