The 100

The 100 last left us with our jaws dropped at the revelation of a more than civilized group of individuals taking a majority or the series leads, and the series is back to claim my heart once again. We begin with Clarke finding herself in a stark white room with elevator music and artwork, but escapes like a true badass heroine embracing her strengths and cunning survival skills to break out of the quarantine ward. She uses a young girl as a hostage, who is in CDC garb, to find a group of wealthy seeming individuals sitting down for a casual dinner leaving her to ask “where the hell am I?”

The 100

Bellamy and Finn turn out to actually be alive, but they remain out in the woods and Bellamy explains the two managed to get out in time but were separated, however to Finn’s dismay he’s being dragged around by a grounder who intends in keeping him to communicate with their leader. Octavia and Lincoln are having their cute moments a midst the madness, while teaching his language and repairing her injuries from the large scale battle in the season finale.

The 100

It’s revealed Octavia has been poisoned, and when Lincoln suggests heading back to his camp for an antidote, she protests at the risk of his people killing him in a gruesome manner so he leaves to find an alternative. Raven also is dealing with some issues of her own, being left behind at the old destroyed drop-ship and the inability to move after being shot. A grounder arrives to the old camp and is shot by a cunning raven, whom plays dead. When the aggressively evil Murphy shows up, he actually helps Raven (he’s done this before, then ended up killing once again..) and reasons that he doesn’t want to die alone.

Clarke is now restrained in a hospital type ward where an elderly man known as the president of this unknown Mt. Weather facility enters in a dusty looking suit and introduces himself as Dante Wallace, trying to establish a leader-to-leader relationship with her, which Clarke isn’t quite buying (rightfully so.) He says they captured 48 of the 100, without any sign of the ark members who recently arrived to earth. Clarke is clearly shaken by the fact that an almost futuristic group of people have been surviving successfully, and showing no immediate indication on actual goals or motives thus far. She demands to see her people and the president offers an assortment of fancy clothing and jewelry for her, and she chooses a standard yoga-type outfit with a heel as a weapon (that’s using your head!) Clarke is shown their systems that implement water and food, revealing how they’ve maintained life before she is reunited with the others in another part of the large compound they flock to her as if she was their mother, clearly she’s impacted some lives as a successful leader. She is told that Raven, Bellamy, and Finn didn’t make it (which they clearly did…for now) and is given a standard information packet for Mt. Weather. As happy a place as they paint it, Clarke’s hesitation is obvious and just. Bellamy and two other scared survivors attempt a rescue mission for Finn (the other two chicken out) and he is beaten by the savage grounder.

The 100
The 100

Lincoln is startled by Octavia’s scream, where she claims to see a monster that he dismisses as the poison (nope, some mutated monster man was definitely lurking.) and carries her away to find a way to save her. At a seemingly nice full course dinner Clarke sits among Monty, and Jasper, explaining that there are no exits mentioned. Though she expresses her concerns, the others seem to feel comfortable and accustomed to the new arrangement. Clarke steals the key card from Mt Weather resident Mya after apologizing for using her as a hostage and pulls an escape mission once again where she nearly opens a large hatch out, but Monty and accompanied by Mya talk her out of it because of the supposed radiation that could kill everyone. (Also, Mya holding a gun to her helped change Clarke’s mind)

Raven and Murphy have a bonding moment when he explains that his father is killed for trying to steal to help Murphy, and his mother blames him for his death before also dying leaving him alone. A more human moment for someone we have perceived as a monster throughout the first season.

Bellamy and Finn, both now captured, get an attempted rescue from the two who ditched out on Bellamy previously, but the man is shot down by the fellow ark survivors who have recently arrived to earth. Octavia is being carried by Lincoln while he keeps her conscious by practicing the language, and her health takes a turn for the worst resulting in Lincoln taking hastening the journey to save the woman he so clearly loves. When the group of adults accompanied by Bellamy and Finn get to the old camp, Raven has a change of heart and keeps the secret about Murphy shooting her so he’s kept alive. Bellamy shows a less forgiving side and attacks the wounded Murphy, which the group decides is a crime and arrests Bellamy with an attempt to implement laws. Power clash coming soon perhaps?

Lincoln arrives to his old village, leaving Octavia by the Lincoln monument (as in the actual president) risking his life to save her. He leaves her and reminds her to stay quiet as he goes to find a fast cure. Clarke is taken to Dante and he tries to reason with Clarke, and offers her an opportunity to paint with him showing common interests. He tells her that he has lost loved ones and others from exposure to the radiation, hoping to sway her escape plans but shows slightly more force than before. Bellamy and Finn decide to go back with the ark group, and make a pact to find their friends who they believe is captured by grounders. Clarke finally sits down to the next meal, eats willingly, and shows a subdued side to hide her suspicions. She later arrives back at her bunker and Dante has left her an art kit that she uses to continue working on the map looking for a way out. We finally see Jaha, who sits alone on the last functioning piece if the ark in space, and comes to terms with his looming death, just as he cuts the power and prepares to die, a baby crying is heard. Don’t count chancellor Jaha out just yet folks..

Aedan’s Final Thoughts
-An insanely powerful opening episode and thrilling start to the season
-Clarke is a phenomenal leader and has grown into a true survivor
-I actually didn’t mind Murphy surprisingly, though his intentions can shift easily
-Octavia and Raven are both in very similar predicaments which breaks my heart!
-the introduction to Mt Weather brings a variety of storylines that I’m eager to see over the season.


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