The 100
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The 100 is a post apocalyptic drama series that premiered on the CW network last year, and definitely viewed as an underdog that proved to be a sleeper hit for the network as well as one of the best shows on television right now. The series (based on the book by Kass Morgan) centers on the last assumed survivors after an all out nuclear war results in an unlivable habitat on Earth, with the remaining pool of humans in a massive space station above Earth’s orbit. As time progresses and resources become scarce, the chancellors of the station known as the ark decide to sentence 100 juvenile delinquents to Earth, to test the environments stability for the future of the human race.

The castoffs quickly realize things aren’t as they seem when mutated animals and mysterious attackers begin to pop up left and right. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Belamy (Bob Morley) almost instantly clash personality wise as the power struggle for leader begins with Belamy’s rebellious and aggressive tactics leave the masses following his lead which sometimes results in serious frustration as a viewer, until you realize that generally a mob mentality is a realistic and plausible approach to anarchy and chaos in an uncontrolled setting. Clarke brings a idealistic portrayal of a leader as she attempts to keep everyone safe but also manages to make the occasional poor judgment call. Just as you think you start to feel out the strong and wide ensemble cast, the show throws a wrench into your emotions and surprisingly kills people you assumed to be series leads within the first few episodes! For example, Atom was an early favorite of mine as the bad-boy/secret softie, played by Rhys Ward, who met an unfortunate demise early on.

The 100
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Incredible standout and my personal favorite character is the little sister of hardhead Belamy, Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos.) Octavia starts out a very sheltered young girl who needs protection, and over the course of the season really develops as an assertive and strong woman who defends right from wrong, even if it includes going against her brother. Raven (my other favorite,) and Jasper were also embraced quickly by fans with Jasper’s much needed humor and Raven’s uber smarts that were needed again and again. The relationship between Raven and her cheating boyfriend Finn seems to crumble from the first scene we see of them together, after the brief rendezvous between Finn/Clarke that results in an uncomfortable and sometimes sigh inducing love triangle that left me with ill feelings towards the character of Finn. (sorry, he just really irks me..) We begin to learn of more issues on earth with a group of unknown numbers referred to as grounders appear and on many occasions attack the core group, while hinting at threats who have remained unknown thus far.

The 100
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There is however, at least one grounder who stole our hearts with his commitment towards Octavia in a very Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship (neither can die or I will seriously rage) courtesy of the writers, providing us with an interesting and unconventional relationship with a different spin on it. The two prove they would put themselves at risk in an instant to protect one another which provides feels over the course of the first season.

The 100
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Speaking of relationships.. in a very unexpected and kind of cute twist, Clarke and Bellamy start to develop a respect and understanding of each other, though coming from completely different views, and before I knew it I was shipping the two as well! While the day to day fights and struggle to stay alive takes place on the earth, the cast in the space station deals with constant turmoil as oxygen depletes resulting in the death of hundreds and one of the most emotionally gut wrenching scenes of the season. There remains a fight for control on the Ark, providing an enemy whose potential is unfortunately cut short by a quick off screen death. The people of the Ark begin to turn on each other, until one ultimate sacrifice is made to ensure the safety of the others. The Ark storyline holds up as its own entity, without taking away from the other ongoing plot.

The relationship between Clarke and her mother Abigail plays out interestingly enough as Clarke learns of a betrayal from her mother that causes an unfortunate drift that serves as an important and well done storyline causing me to commiserate with both characters. The finale of the 13 episode first season is some of the greatest work of the series with a high stakes two-parter that leaves multiple characters lives in the balance. When we finally feel we have a grip on what to expect, the writers once again completely shake things up by adding additional surviving humans, one of a more primal lifestyle, and another that could completely change the direction of the second season in an effective and unexpected cliff hanger. Clearly I’ve grown quite fond of the series, and with season two just a week away we will finally find out what the phenomenal creative team has in store for us next!

Overall The 100 is a fast paced, and well executed series with each episode demanding your attention for its entire run-time. I highly recommend you binge watch it, or purchase the first season before the highly anticipated season 2 premiere next Wednesday at 9 p.m. on CW.

The 100
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Aedan’s Final Thoughts
-Belarke and Linctavia are too adorable
-Major props to the visual effects department throughout the entire season
-I appreciate each characters journey/transition of self growth
from the beginning to end
-We need more Octavia and Raven centered storylines

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