AHS: Freak Show
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In the beginning of this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show, titled “Bullseye”, Dandy starts out by explaining to his mother Gloria that he has found love for the first time in his life with his new companions Dot and Bette, telling her his plans to make them his wives. Gloria doesn’t warm up to the thought initially, but Dandy’s desperation and seriousness as he says “we’re going to be together forever.” denies Gloria’s protest rather quickly. A celebration commences for Elsa’s birthday with everyone buzzing about her upcoming move to Hollywood, and plenty of gifts.

AHS: Freak Show
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An adorable Ma Petite takes the cake as best gift when she pops out of a box like a cuter and smaller version of a stripper cake. Dot and Bette come up in conversation, sending Elsa over the edge with anger to forget about the two she abandoned with Dandy. Elsa isn’t interested in sharing any spotlight if it wasn’t already clear. Elsa is accompanied in the bedroom by Paul who turns out to be in love with the Candy Striper named Penny from the very beginning. Just when you’ve expected her to steer clear of the freak show after her drug fueled sex-capades she’s sucked back in. Penny has an uncomfortable moment with her over protective father setting up for an unusual relationship to develop more than likely.

AHS: Freak Show
Courtesy of FX

Bette seems to be overjoyed with her new luxurious lifestyle and dandy brings a full course elaborate meal offering “nothing but the best for his girls.” Bette has quickly fallen for him, and even explains he may be the person she can’t be without. Dot, who now feels the third wheel quality, has other feelings keeping her concerns internal. Dot has a change of heart when she finally realizes that utilizing Dandy’s financial status could help her with the surgery she desires to “free” her of her sister. Paul (who is just now getting a lot of screen time) and Dandy have a brief interaction at a pharmacy as Paul attempts to buy perfume and Dandy proves to be a difficult customer while trying to find a specific handled hairbrush. Paul is kicked out after being refused service, and arrives back to the troupe. Paul and Jimmy both commiserate for a moment after the show becomes slow, noting Bette and Dot were a huge pull for them.

The struggle for the twins continues as they bicker over whether or not it’s morally fair to allow a surgery to divide the two with death as a potential outcome. Dandy tries to get Dot to share her secrets from her diary and pretends to have heroically killed Twisty however Dot doesn’t take the bait, knowing of Jimmy’s deeds which sends Dandy into a hissy-fit. Stanley and Maggie are now unaware of the twin’s location (Elsa unknowingly saved the two for the time being) and he sets his sights on Jimmy. When Maggie thinks he’s in danger, she offers up another solution… The adorable Ma Petite.

AHS: Freak SHow
Courtesy of FX

The con artists discuss a potential plan that involves drowning her in a glass container, which basically hit me right in the feels. Although Elsa attempts to swoon Paul, he declines an evening with her, and when he goes to offer a kiss she picks up the scent of a perfume and douses him with her drink in a Real Housewives fashion. When he turns the tables to rumors of Elsa involvement in the twin’s disappearance she wakes up the entire camp to hear her rants about everything she’s done for them, (Now stepping into Bad Girls Clubterritory.) Jimmy and Ethel want to prove their loyalty and Elsa demands that one of the troupe will strap themselves to the bullseye wheel (let’s talk this out maybe?) Jimmy offers himself before Paul jumps in at an opportune moment. Once he’s strapped on, they give him a good spin with her first throw landing near his head; second between his legs, and the third she specifically chooses to land right in his abdomen. Penny tries to sneak out (unsuccessfully) when her father finds out. She explains she’s in love and needs to find Paul, saying her father will have to kill her before he can stop her. Maggie wakes up Ma Petite in her sleep and takes her out to the barn where she is supposed to go through the with cruel plan to kill her, but shows some reluctance. Penny arrives looking to be with Paul, meanwhile he’s actually dying as Elsa stands over him somewhat fulfilled.

AHS: Freak Show
Courtesy of Tumblr

Jimmy begins to realize Elsa may be up to no good but his train of thought is stopped when everyone begins looking for Ma Petite. Maggie turns up with her not having the ability to go through with murder, and took the time to find fireflies instead. Maggie then attempts to make a plan with Jimmy to run away, but when she goes into her tent Stanley awaits her with a temper. He gives her no other option than Jimmy as the potential specimen for a cash profit. Gloria makes her way upstairs with a tray of food and comfort for her distraught son, finding an open journal dandy has read that belongs to Dot. The journal explains her only desire from him is money for this surgery that leads to Dandy heading into a tailspin. He perceives it as his only shot at love is completely ruined and determines his life purpose is to bring death. A door bell rings and Jimmy had arrived looking for the twins at the worst possible moment. Ethel and Elsa have a moment alone, and Ethel offers her support but tells her if she were to ever find out she did anything wrong to Bette and Dot she’d kill Elsa herself, and smiles telling her to make her wish. Elsa processes the information and continues to blow out the candle, and her inner monologue expresses her desire to be loved.

Final Thoughts:

-Dandy/Bette and Jimmy/Dot most likely won’t be going on any double dates
-Thank goodness Maggie came around to straying from Stanley, let’s just hope it
-Finn Wittrock and Frances Conroy continue to impress me
-Going to assume Penny the Candy Striper has more dire times ahead
-Ma Petite lives!

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