American Horror Story Freak Show

Last week Jimmy arrived to the Mott home to find the twins, and he finds the girls in the extravagant Mott manor. Jimmy seems slightly taken aback by their calmness and Gloria informs him they have the right to leave at any point they please. When Bette mentions that Dandy actually saved the captives from Twisty, Jimmy comes to the realization that he is the other masked killer clown and persuades the girls to leave by his side. Dandy definitely is going to snap once again in the near future.

AHS Freak Show
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We next find Jimmy practicing on stage, singing a phenomenal cover of “Come As You Are” by Nirvana. His song carries on and we see Dell lingering in the gay bar from before looking for Andy (Matt Bomer) and Stanley notices and smirks, indicating a new angle for him to play up like a true con-artist.

AHS Freak Show
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At the end of the tune, Jimmy confronts Elsa for selling the twins to the Motts’, but Dot covers for Elsa to once again have something to hold over the tricky troupe owner. Ethel takes Desiree to her doctors visit where they learn that his hands were pulverized (by Dell of course) So much for that surgery she desired. Stanley attempts to blackmail Dell to kill one of the freaks to keep his sexuality discreet. Jimmy and Maggie are shown in bed together seeming quite cozy with each other, and she begs him to leave with her but he hesitates because of other predicaments. Maggie shares that she believes he’ll never be ready to leave which actually seems unfortunately accurate. Dell tries to take out Amazon Eve as a potential victim for Stanley, however she full on beats him before tossing Dell out of her trailer.

The next day Ethel comes to the decision that Dell needs to die to pay for his crimes, and Jimmy convinces her to give him a chance to remove him first. Ethel makes it well known if he isn’t dealt with by Jimmy “they” being the ladies, will deal with it themselves. Bette and Dot attempt some blackmail of their own, demanding monetary earnings and special spots during the show for their silence, which doesn’t sit well with a money hungry Elsa. Jimmy takes Dell away from the camp and they have a drink while sharing some civil conversations, with Dell spinning his own twisted version of events. Jimmy shares a story of content and feeling like an average guy, resulting in Dell momentarily becoming a father by demanding he remove his gloves, and that he’ll have nothing to hide or feel ashamed of. They wander out and while Jimmy is puking his brains out, Dell switches back into his corrupted ethics and contemplates killing him on the spot for his secret until a drunken Jimmy slurs that he knows he is his father. When Dell confirms that he is, the two share an emotional embrace and he assists his son home.

AHS Freak Show
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When Dell and Jimmy make it back (still drunk,) Dell proclaims aloud that he and Jimmy are blood, resulting in Elsa shading Dell at deciding to be a parent to his son 24 years later. Stanley reappears after the father and son bond; reminding him of the deal they have with a ticking clock. Penny the candy striper decides to leave her overprotective and eerie father and join an injured Paul, but he insists he has a friend to give her a proper “send off” when a tattooed terrifying man enters the room. Bette has received one of their agreements with Elsa, as a new blonde and a privileged attitude toward those around her. Celebrities… Dot finds a note from Elsa where she promises to help her get what she desires as well and Dot makes Elsa aware of her hope to split up with her sister. Penny regains consciousness and her father holds up a mirror to reveal her entire face has been covered in tattoos with a split tongue just for the hell of it. This is a prime example of someone unfit to procreate in case you hadn’t figured it out.

Elsa arranges a meeting with Stanley where she asks him to find the doctor Dot seeks so they can be out of her life for good, but he has other thoughts and proposes killing the two. Elsa seems to be uneasy by the thought but then becomes smug thinking she has someone to do her immoral bidding. Dell wakes Ma Petite in the middle of the night (Nooooo!) and pretends to have nice intentions, but picks her up and kills her in order to hide his sexuality from everyone around him. Penny is reunited with a healed Paul, where he cries holding her claiming it’s his fault. In the final scene, we are taken to the oddities museum in a room full of dressed up wealthy individuals, where a deceased Ma Petite is shown in a container marketed as the worlds smallest woman. RIP Ma Petite.

AHS Freak Show
Courtey of tamaratattles.files.wordpress.com

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:
-I can’t be without my sweet Ma Petite, damn you Ryan Murphy!
-Dell needs to meet his demise soon
-Can Maggie and Jimmy please flee for their own safety as soon as possible?
-Bette will be getting a Diva reputation very soon

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