Why Everyone Should Agree Lady Gaga Is A True Living Legend

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga captivated the world when she performed a transcendent medley featuring the music of The Sound Of Music at the 2015 Oscars, opening the door to make 2015 the year of Gaga.

This iconic performance had celebrities, fans and critics in agreement on one thing: Lady Gaga is indeed a legend. Gaga first got her start by putting in the work; performing pulsating electro-pop music in club venues and festivals until achieving mainstream notoriety for undoubtedly proving to be the epitome of an innovative entertainer. Over the course of her career, Gaga gracefully provided us with lively yet thoughtful tracks and music videos with artistic expression, much like individual works of art. Her enchanting voice and messages are also consistently enhanced by Gaga’s use of various instruments and her commitment to singing completely live, blending every important factor in a complete performance.

Since the songstress entered the airwaves, there was no denying she was a force of nature, belting pop hits while incorporating her raw talent that made her an instant stand-out in 2008. She wasn’t even close to being done either, Gaga’s second album, titled The Fame Monster, was an extension of The Fame with eight songs that further explored the complexity to Gaga’s vocal abilities with the power ballad “Speechless,” and one of her most successful singles “Bad Romance,” that became the most viewed music video of the 2000-2010 decade. In 2011, Lady Gaga released the album Born This Way that sold over 1 million units in its debut week, with the title single going number one and providing an anthem about being yourself. Gaga took an ’80s metal vibe that she integrated into her recordings that became a fan favorite album for many and also went on to receive positive reviews from critics and fans.

Her next recording venture brought us one of the most underestimated albums, ARTPOP. The ARTPOP album was her most diverse yet with stripped down tracks, segueing into rap, rock, and pop to take a creative excursion. The album left many feeling blown away by the range of Gaga’s abilities, however it unfortunately didn’t receive the acclaim it so rightly earned. While naysayers expected a rushed pop-hit to fill the void, Gaga masterfully strayed from traditional pop music expectations and collaborated on a Jazz album with the one and only Tony Bennett. The collaboration culminated in a Grammy (Gaga’s 6th) and a new crop of followers who were unaware of her adaptability and pure vocal ability. Gaga then made a brilliant career move and was announced to be the leading role in the upcoming American Horror Story: Hotel, replacing Jessica Lange and generating insane amounts of social media shares as well as buzz around the world on her role in the Emmy winning series by Ryan Murphy.

After the singer’s Oscar performance, new acting commitment and astute passion for music, Gaga achieved one thing most entertainers almost never receive: complete respect and public adoration. Now, Gaga has even more fans on all ends of the spectrum balancing a mainstream appeal and exuding a traditional musicality many are desperate for. Legions of little monsters have known of Gaga’s brilliance before, but singing classic melodies that are almost impossible to the human voice proved to be jaw dropping for the masses. Ultimately, Lady Gaga practices what she preaches. In the face of critics telling her what she needs to do to reinvent herself, Gaga stays true to her individuality and remains doing what she is passionate about. What sets her apart from other performers of this generation is her musical mastery, and the ability to repeatedly prove herself as an innovative performer that keeps other singers/ performers on their toes.

With Gaga back in the studio, and gaining the love she deserves; I can’t wait to find out what her brilliant mind creates next. I’ll blindly follow Lady Gaga into her next endeavor. After all, hasn’t she earned our trust?

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