Scream Queens

Filming for the new horror comedy anthology series Scream Queens, by Ryan Murphy, is currently underway, and everyone involved has been extremely tight-lipped about the plot and characters.

As we count the days until the premiere, my excitement has risen exponentially and I find myself jonesing to talk about the potentially-genius series that is catered to my favorite thing about the horror genre — a Scream Queen.

The series stars OG scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis and veteran horror starlet Emma Roberts, with a variety of other familiar names such as Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, Ariana Grande, and Lea Michele all attached to major roles on the show, set around a college campus rocked by murders.

Being a diehard horror fan and scream queen enthusiast, I took it upon myself to make a checklist of the 5 idealistic traits that would make Scream Queens the ultimate slasher series for beloved femme fatales.

5 – Glamour
From Jaime Lee Curtis, to Neve Campbell, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, one thing every classic Scream Queen contains, is the definitive ability to look glamorous while wading through the blood bath associated with the horror genre. She has her own noticeable style and beauty that you would recognize instantly; the appearances may vary, but if you give us Emma Roberts fighting off an assailant in her Louboutins, or Abigail Breslin running through the dark of night with a studded leather jacket and her runway-ready hair, you won’t find me complaining! A noteworthy Scream Queen naturally oozes sex appeal, with a non-forced sense of beauty, and should be considered a style icon despite the other pressing matters at hand…

4 – Pop Culture Centric Comedy
Scream Queens is also listed as a comedy series, and the best kind of horror is the kind that can embrace humorous undertones in between screams and grisly murders. One thing that made the Scream films so popular, was its uncanny ability to mix horror and comedy elements together, and those comedic moments can intensify a fans attachment to specific characters. There needs to be that satirical self-deprecation, and a play on today’s popular culture to make the story feel relevant to today’s viewers. With Ryan Murphy’s comedic writing in Glee and The New Normal, and horror chops from AHS, my confidence for Scream Queens is starting off in a high place already!

3 – Gore
Blood, blood, and more blood! If our heroines are to take on a serial killer(s), there’s going to be a high body count. Friends, family, drunken sorority and fraternity members and/or pledges, nobody is safe. The scream queen is always in the center of the murder spree, and witnessing or partaking in the gruesome attacks. To really make it feel high-stakes there should be, and probably will be, many devastating murders to come.

(The Following is proof that Fox will go there!)

2 – Mystery
It’s been confirmed that the killer won’t be revealed until the final episode (as it should be) but that won’t stop horror buffs from guessing every minute of every episode until the final moments. Hopefully every week will leave different clues to keep viewers inquisitive, but plenty of red herrings to keep us off the real trail for as long as possible. When we do see who is behind all of the mayhem, there needs to be some real connection to the characters involved, to make it emotionally draining on our protagonists. Not an oddly unpredictable twin sibling of someone who you really don’t care for (Sorry PLL..)

1 – Survival
The defining characteristic to a Scream Queen is her ability to survive and overcome trauma. A Scream Queen will be tested physically and emotionally as she constantly loses loved ones, and goes toe-to-toe with a mass murdering psychopath. What sets her (or them) apart from the rest is her detachment to others that is a struggle throughout the plot. A Scream Queen may not always look deadly, but will be able to get physical and take on fighting the perpetrator throughout the story. She must be the equivalent of an unpredictable badass. Of course, it’s presumable that many will be lost along the way, but there need to be at least a couple of survivors who can overcome the bloodshed and stake their claim as the true embodiment of a Scream Queen.

Scream Queens is set to air this fall on Fox, so keep up with  me for more upcoming coverage on the horror/comedy anthology series. What are you hoping to see from Scream Queens?


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