Batman V Superman
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Excuse me while I have a f-aneurysm.

Last week, they announced the trailer for the upcoming Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice film, which will preview exclusively in select cinemas around the world. Last night, a Portuguese subtitled version of the trailer leaked online and went viral, despite WB’s attempt to remove the leaked trailer.

Today, the WB/DC film went ahead of schedule and posted an official version of the trailer online, and has been trending through social media ever since. The trailer for Batman V Superman shows that some time has passed since the events of Man Of Steel, and we are shown a restructured Metropolis. Superman has now accumulated a mass following as the peoples’ savior. Despite the approval, various voice-overs (including Holly Hunter) are heard expressing concern for Superman’s role in society, and the public’s past mistakes for blindly following corrupt leaders. As the anti-Superman movement increases, we are shown a statue of the hero (comic book shout out!) tagged as a false God.

A rugged looking Bruce Wayne is shown staring intently at his (former?) Bat-suit, and isn’t quite ready to hop on the team Superman train as of yet. We then see a full fledged Batman suit (my absolute favorite Batman costume thus far) lurking in the darkness, and standing atop a skyscraper that is visually incredible. The Comic-Con segment is shown, with Batman luring out the Kryptonian hero for a meeting of the minds…or fists. During the confrontation segment which is by far the best moment, Batman is shown in a redesigned metal-infused suit, most likely required to withstand a single punch from the god-like powered Superman. As they face Batman’s deep computerized voice asks Superman “Tell you bleed?” As Superman is shown plummeting to the ground level, shattering his surroundings, the voice continues, “You will.”

There is no indication of Wonder Woman, or the other future Justice League members, but with Batman and Superman’s highly anticipated introduction, i’m perfectly content with patiently awaiting a look at the other heroes included in the film. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will obviously have a gritty-dark ambiance, like a noir superhero film that could be one of DC’s biggest films – ever.

What are your thoughts on the Batman V Superman trailer? Watch below, and let us know!

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