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There has been major fan anticipation for the upcoming Digimon Adventure tri series, rumored to air..well right about now actually. It was announced on Niconico this week that Digimon tri will now actually be divided into a whopping 6 film event, with the first film slated to air in November 21st of this year, titled Digimon Saikai (or Digimon Reunion). The Digimon film continuation will see the return of the original Digimon partner voice actors, however the actual digidestined themselves will feature new voice actors contributing to the sought after characters.

To appease the confused fans, a visual trailer was released (finally!) showcasing the entire group of eight digidestined and their Digimons companions, with a new take on the classic character looks. Though the trailer is fairly short in runtime, it does show some intense action sequences that will mature the series appeal to its audience much like its fan base, while reigning in new Digimon fans to join the transition to the digital world.

It was also recently noted by Anime News Network that Daisuke (Davis) will be appearing in the Digimon films, after being listed as a tag on the website. Digimon Adventure 2 introduced us to four new digidestined with Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken, but it is currently unknown how many (or if any) of the others from Adventure 2 are expected to return.

Once I established there had been little to no promotion for Digimon which was expected to air soon, it became evident that there was a disconnect somewhere down the line, and changing the series to multiple films is still enticing, but it does result in curiosity as to why such a specific change was made? Either way I’ll be eagerly awaiting Digimon Reunion, I just hope that it is executed well after so many years of waiting. Let’s also hold out hope that the epilogue from Adventure 2 can be altered, as the cut to their lives as adults gave us little to no time to process what was going on. What do you think about a six-film Digimon series?

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