Thank you, MTV, for giving us a first look at Scream the TV series!

During the MTV Movie Awards, the network debuted three different trailers for the upcoming 10-episode horror series, and announced the date of the highly anticipated horror show. Bella Thorne presented the first trailer, which focuses on high-school driven character conflict, and a suspenseful shot of Thorne preparing a romantic evening with her boyfriend that leaves her boyfriend decapitated in the hot tub, and Thorne’s character screaming. We’re additionally introduced to characters that have similarities to the original film (I saw a Billy, Randy and Casey in the mix), and a hooded character on a killing spree, whose mask has yet to be revealed.

The second trailer embraced Scream‘s self deprecating humor as the ominous narrator describes horror cliches of beautiful women and carnage, another way to remind viewers of its appreciation for the original Scream. In the third and best trailer, numerous characters are shown beckoning “Hello?” while all were stalked by the shadowed killer, and a more detailed look at the brutal death of Bella Thorne.

Each trailer was increasingly intriguing, setting up for a horror series that wants to maintain the best horror tropes of its film predecessor. I hope to see MTV’s Scream embrace the bloodshed we began to see, and really push the horror envelope on television like Scream (1997) did for the slasher film genre. Scream will air Tuesday, June 30 on MTV and I’m anxiously counting down to the premiere. (I’m uber-fan screaming!)

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