New Scream Trailer Introduces Us To Lakewood
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MTV is successfully KILLING me with anticipation.

The upcoming MTV Scream Series is less than a month away, and MTV has given us yet another trailer to carefully dissect. In the second full length trailer we learn that the new group of teens are being picked off one by one, and will take place in the quiet town  of Lakewood where “no one can hear you scream.” (Woodsboro shoutout anyone?) After a cyber-bullying incident results in the death of a student, the masked killer begins to stalk his/her prey and the character’s secrets proceed to quickly unravel, setting up for a 10 episode season of mystery and gruesome murder.

The trailer includes most of the footage from previous trailers, and adds to it by showing extra scenes such as a young woman encountering the Scream killer on a moonlit balcony, with another girl running (while screaming of course) for her life.  With every new reveal or unmasking , fans are only getting further invested in discovering what they can expect from the television adaptation of a beloved film series. MTV will air the new Scream series Tuesday June 30th, following part two of the Teen Wolf season premiere. Stay tuned for coverage of the first season, and for a closer look at the newly revealed mask, click here!

What are your thoughts on MTV’s Scream trailer? 

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