Sarah Michelle Gellar
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What can’t Sarah Michelle Gellar do?!

The brilliant actress and philanthropist has seemingly done it all, and can be seen most recently collaborating with Youtube star Whitney Avalon in a Disney Princess rap battle you were not expecting. Gellar takes on the classic Cinderella, who raps “I deserve all the praise for the foot fetish craze, I’ve got itty-bitty kicks but legs for days” and goes on to take a shot at Belle’s relevancy, “Of course you’re bitter, I’m the number one star, pumpkin carriage, perfect marriage, no one cares who you are”. Belle had a few zingers as well, insulting the princess origin story, “fear the nerdy-wordy princess ’cause i’m throwin’ more shade than the willow tree growing on your dead ‘grave” finishing with, “it’s the inside that matters not the size of your feet”.

This is definitely the Rap Battle you didn’t realize you needed, and seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar play a Disney Princess while showing off her rapping skills fulfills every level of awesome I could ever hope for. After already generating over 6 million views, maybe she can return for a Rap Battle with Avalon in the future? I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to it!

Watch the video below and let us know who you think won, Cinderella or Belle? (Team Cinderella..)

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