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Horror and humor are about to collide in the trailer for Ryan Murphy’s upcoming series Scream Queens, released
earlier today. The series has been eagerly anticipated by both horror enthusiasts, and sharp witted satire fans for Scream Queens, where the trailer plays to fans of the opposite genres. In the new full length trailer, we learn that the notorious Kappa sorority will be forced to accept all pledges this year courtesy of the school’s sorority hating dean played by Jamie Lee Curtis. The change of pace leads to the introduction of an eclectic group of young women who are unprepared for the hazing they are about to encounter head-on (or head-off for one pledge thanks to a lawn mower…)

The Kappa sorority consists of many glamorous young women; led by the ruthless Chanel Oberlin, played by and created for Emma Roberts. Chanel is exactly what you would imagine the Mean Girls character Regina George would develop into with the transition to a murderous college. Despite having malicious intent from time to time, Chanel seems to be a spectacularly astute Scream Queen who speaks her unfiltered thoughts freely. Chanel is accompanied by her equally amusing henchman each re-named after her. For instance, after leaving the pledges buried in their yard, Abigail Breslin’s character rightfully named Chanel No. 5, diabolically states “you guys are gonna stay here over night while the Chanel’s and I go get banana daiquiris at the White Stallion.” leaving the girls to a night of hazing. The trailer also shows off a large potion of its impressive cast, each interacting or possibly reacting to the college mascot and killer The Red Devil, fittingly named based on his all red ensemble.

Many have compared the concept of Scream Queens to other known teen cult classic, however it seems as if the series is aiming to carve out a slasher/comedy genre of its own for television. The Ryan Murphy run show could strike gold by tapping into some of the best horror protagonists by centering on “scream queens” so I’m optimistic that the series will ascend to the ranks of horror elite. What are your thoughts on the new Scream Queens trailer?

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