hamatora announced
photo by: sentai filmworks

Sentai Filmworks announced early this morning that its latest licensed series is none other than the hero/mystery story, Hamatora, which was originally created by Natsu Matsumai and Yūki Kodama. Hamatora is a story that focuses on a fictional timeline and a group of certain humans who are now labeled as “Minimum Holders” or individuals discovered to have special and unique supernatural power. Hamatora centers on Nice, a minimum holder with uncanny abilities, who creates a detective agency along with a group of other minimum holders (including Birthday, Murasaki, Hajime, Ratio and a few others). Each individual on the team provides their own quirks and abilities to assist Nice with hope to make a change for the better, while coming up against a plethora of unexpected villains. Hamatora went on to spawn a second season titled Re: Hamatora that continued the adventures of the series protagonists, and answers many burning questions that the first season left open, rounding out the series to a total of 24 episodes which will most likely be divided into two separate releases.

Seiji Kishi and Hiroshi Kimura are at the help directing the beautifully enhanced and colorful series, and Toko Machida in addition to Jun Kumagai created the ambiance with a wonderful series composition. Hamatora was an underrated anime gem of 2014 not seen to many, and has been to compared to the popular Marvel team the X-Men, so this Sentai Filmworks license only perpetuates their impressive reputation for having a keen eye for exceptional anime series (now if only they would dub it in English). Sentai also confirms on their website, that Hamatora will soon be available of Digital outlets and home video release, so it’s imperative that you allot enough time to give this anime a chance folks!

Thank you Sentai Filmworks!

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