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If you’re like me and you’ve missed the Griswolds, I’ve got something to fill your dysfunctional family appetite! The upcoming movie titled Vacation, is a sequel to the franchise (National Lampoon’s Vacation series) of a families recurring bad luck on those good ‘ol family outings, from Wally World, Las Vegas, and a fan favorite chaotic Christmas. Vacation will center of Rusty’s family (he’s now a grown version of the Griswold son played by Ed Helms) as he takes his wife (Christina Applegate) and two sons to Wally World, in an attempt to relive one of his favorite childhood memories.

The trailer is filled with movie reboot/sequel references, multiple homages to the beloved franchise, humorously addresses the age gap for potential viewers, and apparently Rusty seems to have maintained his fathers unconventional approach to parenting. Vacation will also see the return of the Griswold daughter Audrey (played by Leslie Mann) and most importantly – at least a cameo featuring the original reason for the vacations – Clark and Ellen (Chevy Chase & Beverly D’Angelo). There is no way this could be considered a sequel without the inclusion of the Griswold parents, so I sincerely hope they will be featured in a decent amount of the film. An extra included toward the end of the trailer is a bonus for many, as Chris Hemsworth makes an appearance in the Red Band footage that shows off…Thor’s mighty hammer… but you’ll just have to see for yourself!

After viewing these films regularly as a child and having family vacations play out equally unusual, there is a spark of nostalgia setting in that will definitely urge me to see it in theaters July 29th. Are you excited for a Griswold reunion?

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