j-pop summit
photo courtesy of: viz media

If you are a fan of all things Japanese Pop culture, there is a place you can go (within the United States) and get a phenomenal experience… the upcoming J-Pop summit held in San Francisco! The event which takes place in Fort Mason Center in the city’s Marina district, is sure to appease the masses with large scale fashion shows, the newest trendy Japanese clothing, celebrity meet-and-greets, contests, and more! The overall atmosphere is catered to Japan’s culture, and will have food, drinks, panels, and at least 16 confirmed film premieres to guarantee everyone will find something enjoyable for the ever growing event. Some of the most recent announcements from the J-Pop summit include:

Guests Of Honor:

j-pop summit
photo courtesy of: viz media

Actor Tadanobu Asano, known for roles in Thor, Battleship, and 46 Ronin will attend opening night to receive the Japan Film Festival of San Francisco Honorary Award. Anime director Koji Morimoto who has been a contributed his talent to Animatrix and Genius Party Beyond is set to attend, and another major guest slated to appear is techno DJ Legend Ken Ishii.

Announced Fashion Events:

MARUQ Presents: Harajuku Fashion Contest-
Sunday, August 9th, 12:40pm-1:05pm; Fort Mason J-POP SUMMIT Main Stage

MARUQ, the “Ultimate Kawaii” specialty boutique located on the Mezzanine level of the NEW PEOPLE venue, comes to J-POP SUMMIT with a special Harajuku fashion contest! This contest is inspired by five distinctive Harajuku street style fashion brands being showcased at J-POP SUMMIT 2015 – ACDC Rag, Milklim, AWATAPRO, OMOCAT, and MILKBBI! These brands represent many different styles of Harajuku street fashion and will be the basis for the contest.

MARUQ also will have a booth inside the Fashion Area at Fort Mason Center to showcase and sell the latest pieces from these new brands in addition to a wide variety of other styles and accessories.

Sunday, August 9th, 12:10pm-12:35pm; Fort Mason J-POP SUMMIT Main Stage

BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT San Francisco presents the Summer 2015 Collection from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates on the Main Stage at J-POP SUMMIT 2015. Experience the fantastic and whimsical show featuring fairy tale favorites and more magical adventures on Sunday, August 9th!

Alluring by design, BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, brings its beloved Japanese Lolita fashion to their first U.S. flagship store at NEW PEOPLE. Leading the scene as the ultimate Lolita fashion brand, BABY showcases its playful clothing and accessories along with its more androgynous and mystic line of attire, ALICE AND THE PIRATES.

With many other fashion exhibitors announced and events yet to be announced, J-Pop 2015 Summit is sure to be a major success, will you be attending?

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