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After last week’s pilot episode, the MTV series Scream introduced us to an assortment of characters and a good amount of backstory to digest, and episode 2 sent us deeper into the world of Scream. The episode titled “Hello Emma” shows the viral video of Audrey and her secret girlfriend Rachel has been removed, but the comments of ignorance and hatred continue to pile up. Rachel can’t quite cope with the intense feedback and pulls a razor blade from a heart shaped box by her bed. (Now that’s pretty depressing.) Rachel begins to make a cut, among many other scars, until Audrey calls. It’s commendable for the show to depict some of the effects of cyber-bullying, and then has a moment of optimism as Audrey pulls her from that emotion of anguish. Unfortunately for Rachel…the call is eerily distorted and it becomes apparent Audrey isn’t the caller. After the misleading voice leaves subtleties to show his/her presence, Rachel is led outside to meet at their spot on the balcony. Rachel finds a rope hanging over the ledge and pulls it up to her hands in confusion, before the killer strikes by wrapping it around her neck and pushing her to her death over the balcony. Goodbye Rachel…you will be missed.

At school, Emma hashes out her issue with Brooke regarding her knowledge on the fling between her boyfriend Will and the recently deceased popular girl Nina. Brooke explains she only kept it a secret because she feared Nina’s wrath, and Emma eventually gives in after Brooke says she’d even “wear an orange jumpsuit” for Emma. At the police station, Noah undergoes a questioning about Brandon James from sheriff Hudson, and says the only contact he has had with anyone was the brother of Brandon James (who I’m sure will appear eventually) and we learn that Emma’s father was known as the sole survivor of the massacre years ago. His whereabouts remain unknown to us, but I’m fascinated to learn more about his history. When Jake and Will are shown, they discuss Will’s desire to get back on Emma’s good side, and Jake gives reassurance that their “cyber connection” to Nina is over with. Jake finds his truck tagged with the word “doosh” in red paint, which is what Noah was shown doing suspiciously in the previous episode. At a memorial wall started for Nina, Noah reads off an example of the heartfelt messages like, “I miss you Nina-bo-bina, Rest In Prada.” Who happened to be someone Nina fat-shamed. I feel like Nina could have her own spin-off series that details her tales of debauchery. A well known crime podcast host named Piper Shaw (she’s the Gale Weather of the series and I already love her) arrives to the memorial spot and crosses paths with Audrey and Noah, and Audrey describes Nina as a “Stone cold bitch who got what she deserved.” Way to make yourself a suspect Audrey! Before Noah has a chance to offer his thoughts on the subject, Jake tracks him down and threatens him in front of the entire school if he had any involvement in his trucks tagging. His humorous but obvious incorrect spelling of the word didn’t exactly throw him off his trail.

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Will tries to talk with Emma and smooth things over, but she isn’t quite ready to forgive and forget. Kieran decides to step in and the two have their testosterone induced friction for Emma when she comically interjects “do you want some dueling pistols or something?” Emma finds Audrey after their last bumpy interaction, and they (along with the entire school) receive a GIF of the killer in the Brandon James mask, standing by Nina’s corpse that reads “payback’s a bitch” The killer may be twisted, but his/her selfie game is strong. Riley and Noah find each other, and their adorable flirtation continues with the two agreeing to have a star gazing date. It’s nice to see some romance alive and well in a series where most characters are likely doomed. When literature class resumes, Noah goes off on a tangent that explains the killer’s social media method stems from today’s youth needing to post evidence that things or moments actually occurred. Mid speech, Riley receives a text that says a girl from the nearby Catholic school died, and Audrey rushes out frantically. A guilt ridden Emma follows and Audrey tearfully explains that Rachel’s body was found hanging as an apparent suicide. The Killer isn’t entirely ready to take credit for every kill as of yet.

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Emma feels responsible for the video being posted, and believes she is the reason for Rachel’s suicide and hides out in a bathroom momentarily. In a scene that gives a shout out to the original, she overhears girls discussing the person who posted the video being a “new Nina”. At the coffee shop Emma works at, the podcast journalist spots Emma and calls her by name, proceeding to slightly prod regarding her father. Emma shuts the conversation down, and when Piper notes she’ll be around frequently, they make an agreement she won’t pry into her personal life. I have a hard time believing that. That evening while Emma is taking out trash from her work, she gets locked out and followed by a hooded man in an alley way. Emma proves to be no victim and picks up a wooden plank and runs towards the entry, swinging at Will, almost knocking him out (if only). Will counts his lucky stars, and explains he received her text message, that she obviously didn’t send. He joins her inside as she closes shop, and he continues to try to resuscitate their failing relationship, so Emma admits to kissing Kieran (you know she wants a reaction). An aggravated and jealous Will tires to soften his approach and pleads that Emma make it to the upcoming Basketball game. Emma stops to visit her mother at the morgue where the video comes up, and a tearful Emma confesses she was present for the video and leaves abruptly. Maggie (aka Daisy) concludes that Rachel’s death was not a suicide, and contemplates how to go about the situation with Sheriff Hudson. Audrey takes her creative energy into making a tribute video for Rachel and titles it “You’ll Always Be Beautiful” providing a sweet remembrance and touching moment for the series only two episodes in.

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While everyone else is at the pivotal basketball game, Noah gets a text from Riley to meet her at the football field. After an ominous prolonged entrance, she sneaks up on him and scares him (like a horror-buff would appreciate) and the two head off to begin their spontaneous date. In the meantime, Brooke attempts to seduce her teacher, and Kieran imparts his thoughts on Will potentially messing with Emma to get her back, which accurately describes some of his actions. Riley and Noah sprawl out under the stars and discuss romance in horror television, and Riley notes “A girl loves a little romance with her gore.” Realizing Noah isn’t the type to take initiative, Riley goes in for a kiss proving that the Randy-esque character can have his victories! After the game, Will tries to mark his territory and forcefully kisses her in front of Kieran, and the tension between the two continues to clash. Emma leaves the romantic friction behind and finds Audrey to tell her that regardless of Rachel’s main reason for her supposed suicide, she takes full responsibility for her death, which takes Audrey by surprise.

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At Emma’s home, she sits alone watching television and browsing on her phone when the home alarm begins to sound. She rushes to the system that says the kitchen door is where the break-in occurred, and Emma enters the dark kitchen to shut and lock the door. The phone quickly rings, and she answers to a voice that asks for her name and code word, and says they have dispatched someone to her home. Emma asks him to stay on the phone with her, and grabs a baseball bat to defend herself just in case – Go Emma! The man asks if she’s home watching TV, and asks what her favorites are, and if How To Get Away With Murder is on her list. Yup, you can bet the killer is on the line. He toys that he enjoys a strong female lead, and that the intruder should possibly fear her for sounding tough. He eventually lets it slip that he can see her, and as Emma locks her window in a panic, he chillingly says “Did you just lock me in, or out?” Emma questions what he wants with her and gives a vague response that states he wants to show her who she really is. He continues, telling her “Everyone you trust is lying to you, playing you.” Adding, “your two faced friends, your fraud of a family, your whore of a mother. It all started with her Emma, but it’s gonna end with you.” The killer hangs up leaves a fearful Emma standing alone in her house, unsure of her safety. I’m once again successfully creeped out, Scream!

Aedan’s Final Thoughts

-For being a minor character, Rachel’s death left a lasting impact on me.

-At this point I’d say my top 3 suspects (of the teenage variety) are: Jake, Brooke, and Noah.

-The second episode built on the strengths of the first episode which leads me to believe Scream will continue to thrive as a horror series.

-I adore Riley, so I am 100% positive she will meet her demise, and the preview for next week didn’t help my suspicions.

-The addition of Piper Shaw adds a true Scream feeling to have an inquisitive journalist on the trail of the killer.

I thoroughly enjoy the mysterious phone calls with the killer, giving Scream perfect moments of nail biting suspense.

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