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Ok Scream team… It looks like there is going to be tons of mayhem and spilled blood in the second half of MTV’s Scream series! 

At San Diego Comic-Con, MTV released a full season length trailer for their horror series adaptation that covered pivotal moments in the first four episodes, as well as moments we have yet to witness! With 6 episodes left, there are sure to be many deaths and the trailer shows at least a few of our favorite characters under attack with death looming.

We see a panicked Brooke giving us an iconic shriek, and Emma being *gasp* stabbed?! Things don’t exactly look too promising for Jake and Will who are seemingly attacked on multiple occasions by the masked killer, and Audrey seems to have an angry side we haven;t witnessed as of yet. With Scream amping up the horror and high-stakes, anyone could be killed (or the killer) so I recommend you re-watch the trailer a few times (Ok, I might be slightly obsessed with the series…) to find any slight hint you can about who the killer could be!

Any theories on who the killer could be?  Is anyone else carefully dissecting the trailer for the horror series like I am? Let us know in the comments and check out my episode 4 recap HERE!

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