godzilla vs king kong
photo courtesy of: thisisinfamous.com

Last month when Max Borentstein spoke about an upcoming Godzilla sequel I suggested that with the upcoming King Kong film Skull Island, we could see a crossover between Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers, and apparently I wasn’t too far off! It’s now been reported by Deadline that there is actually a major monster mash-up in the works that could pit Godzilla against King Kong. After the untitled Godzilla film is complete and Skull Island has hit theaters, the collaborative studio film supposedly hopes to make a separate film in a Godzilla vs King Kong fashion as opposed to either being involved in a sequel.

Skull Island is expected to be released in 2017, but the cast has changed recently which leaves time for official dates to change. The Godzilla sequel is in the early stages of being written, and director Gareth Edwards is hard at work on Star Wars Anthology film Rogue One, so if this were to pan out it would be a good amount of time before this clash of creatures could occur. The last time Godzilla and King Kong faced off was in a 1962 film that I did cherish, but imagine the possibilities with the visual effects of today…it could be a battle of epic proportions!

With a Godzilla sequel and King Kong crossover, I’m in geek heaven, but I’m also desperately hoping Godzilla can be the one to come out on top! Sorry King Kong fans, I just can’t hide my love for the alpha predator! What are your thoughts on a potential Godzilla vs King Kong movie in the future?

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