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Scream has officially ended its first season, and to say the finale (titled Revelations) was a wild ride would be a massive understatement. After introducing an assortment of questions and suspects, we learned just about everything we could have hoped in the first season finale, and it was stellar conclusion that gave plenty of horror based fun. From beginning to end, it feels as if it’s creating an authentic horror finale with a true cinematic experience by driving viewers up the wall using nerve wracking suspense, and satisfying chase scenes that are the backbone of slasher stories. Emma is faced with multiple suspects in the finale episode and instead of following one persons lead, she takes in all of the information offered to her and come up with her own conclusions; something that is generally not always done well with leading characters. This makes Emma’s character more enjoyable, and exhibits that she is skeptical enough to know she shouldn’t completely trust everyone. The scene with Emma taking her mother to find Sheriff Hudson (resulting in his death) was a surprisingly devastating death to me. I’ve been one of the viewers who have harbored anger towards Daisy for her constant lies that endangered her family, but in this moment you could feel her grief. It’s also worth mentioning that the shocking way to go from possibly safe to victim was a major reason it felt extra depressing. The emotional events could also lead to more in-depth stories for Kieran, providing us a chance to see additional layers to one of the series most strikingly mysterious characters. 

Having the finale play out at a party is crucial to horror, especially the Scream series which claimed the rules include there must always be a party. The atmosphere gives characters a chance to interact in ways previously unused, including Brooke and Audrey who have one of the most legitimate moments to discover different aspects of each other. A chase scene during the party with Brooke leaves viewers on pins and needles, anxious over the fate of the fan favorite, while the scene uses the Scream approach all the way through. Brooke and Jake’s relationship cycles completely in the finale episode, bringing them back around to address all of their issues and problems; the horror that unfolds gives the pair a better chance to recognize just how important they are to each other. One of the most key moments (character wise) is Jake pulling Brooke out of the freezer, completely fearing the worst for the sassy blonde. The scene with the two during the ending shows they have both decided they can move forward from their past, and be together without any drawbacks. The evolution of Jake and Brooke felt like it was achieved extremely well in this finale, and I literally couldn’t have asked for a better direction for the two. Keeping the jock and popular girl alive in a horror story bends the rules, but like Piper says, “It’s 2015” and I’m relieved they took the time to shake things up!

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After giving each character killer potential, we finally discover the woman behind the mask is actually Piper Shaw, crime podcaster who is also the half-sibling of Emma. The reveal was something I had speculated for a few weeks, and it felt like it was a proper way to incorporate a killer – using a half sibling as the spark for the re-vamped murders. In episode 6, I had a feeling Piper was included when the killer followed them to the warehouse where Mayor Madox was blackmailed; no one else would have been aware of their location unless they were tipped off. (pats self on back) Piper’s demeanor changes from the moment she removes the mask, and gives us a psychopath show-down that the Scream films always used phenomenally thanks to the accomplished actress Amelia Rose Blaire. When you go back to take in other hints, it is completely plausible for Piper to have been wielding the knife, and the scene felt well executed which was my main hope (aside from specific characters living!) Her explanation of Branson being a cover/fall-guy made perfect sense, and the evidence against him was included to get Piper out unscathed, hoping to achieve revenge for her father Brandon James. Having the father discussion with Emma in episode 6 that eventually led to the reveal of her father gave Scream credibility for knowing what their goals are, and effectively following through.

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The shocking inclusion of a twist that Piper mentions (She notes a surprise for Emma before being killed) gave the finale a proper way to close out the season, but reveals Audrey’s suspicious communication with Piper and evidence stolen from the Police Station, giving us our possible partner in crime. Audrey had shown questionable behavior all season, but her actions in the final moments practically peg her as a problem. Even with my previous doubts, I can’t help but wonder how that could be explained otherwise, and that’s another smart trail for the writers to tempt us with into next season. That being said, I also am very reluctant to assume Audrey is the killer because the writers could be throwing us off with a secret of Audrey’s. First, Audrey could very well be killer number 2 with a second season honing in on a killer’s POV. Another option could mean that Piper and Audrey are relatives of some sort. The photos of Brandon James, letters with Piper, and the DNA in the mask could be additionally acknowledging a bloodline connection, and we still don’t know much about Audrey’s father who had a blocked number on his cell phone.

The best thing about the Scream finale is that it completely goes against the typical horror rules in its ending. In most other horror series and films, a mass majority is expected to meet their demise in the finale arc but Scream made the bold choice to deviate from that path. After every character goes through their own trauma in the finale, they assemble and it becomes clear that we have our official group. In this moment I realized, the first season was used to create our core group from the survivors, almost like a taste of what’s to come. Just when I felt like I had a grasp on the series, the survival curve ball makes me re-think possibilities for season 2. Now I’ll be spending my time wondering who else could be behind the murders to assist Piper, so season 2 please come back soon? The finale episode lived up to the final stretch of a horror film in its episode’s runtime, and provided just enough twists and surprises to make this an episode that feels like an excellent payout for the viewers. The Scream finale provides blood, humor, character development, and an excellent new take on a horror conclusion.

Overall Grade: The Scream finale earned itself a solid  ‘A‘ 

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

-Fans of the Scream franchise should appreciate the desire to honor moments in the original film, but created an unexpected conclusion that takes the series into its own direction, I commend Scream for that.

-I’ve never been so relieved to know that a majority of a series cast will return for another season. I was practically planning the characters’ funerals in my head, but I was thankfully proven wrong! In addition to having a cast of wonderful individuals, they are all diversely skilled at their roles and this new formed group feels like one of the best ensembles on television. Who doesn’t love the Scream Team?!

-I’m pleased the killer ended up having a sensible motive to the story, and there were just enough hints leading up to the reveal that will make it a great re-watch. Kudos to Amelia Rose Blaire for her portrayal of Piper unmasked, I love a good unveiling and the scene was executed nicely. 

-The chase scene with Brooke was a major nod to the Scream film, and I was jumping with joy that it didn’t end with her receiving the Tatum treatment. Also, who doesn’t love Carlson Young’s portrayal of the queen-bee, she’s a dazzling addition to Scream

-After being a fan of Jake from the beginning, I genuinely appreciated his scenes in the episode. Jake has the ability to bring humor into every nail-biting scene without question and it’s a relief to know we’ll be seeing the talented actor Tom Maden make a comeback next season, this is a major win for the Jake!

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