Raúl Castillo
Courtesy Of: HBO

Gotham just enlisted the help from one of the stars of HBO’s Looking for its second season! The phenomenal actor Raúl Castillo, who played a fan favorite character in the series that spawned two seasons and a wrap-up film special, which hasn’t begun filming as far as we know. Castillo’s appearance in Gotham will be a much darker role than the softy Richie that we all instantly loved, playing the hitman and clear villain Eduardo Flamingo according to Variety!

They also report that Eduardo Flamingo will appear in the ninth episode, and will surely prove to be a formidable rival to officer James Gordon as a wacky animated villain – but his assassin skills will prove to be no joking matter! Looking was the first chance I had to watch Castillo on screen, and I instantly became a fan for his commitment to his role and genuine talent, so i’m sure he will obviously make a great character in Gotham season 2! Hopefully Castillo will be sticking around as a regular character in Gotham, but in the mean time i’m anxious to see his portrayal of the DC villain. Let us know your thoughts on the (great) addition to the cast, and your opinions on Gotham season 2 so far!

Raúl Castillo
Courtesy Of: FickeringMyth.com

You can watch Gotham Monday nights at 8 p.m. on FOX

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