In Joss Whedon’s masterpiece Marvel film, Avengers: Age of Ultron, the film took the time to expand on the friendship and complicated dynamics amongst the team of Avengers while also fracturing them in the process. The ending of Age of Ultron left the Avengers mostly scattered in the aftermath of the insanely epic battle to save the planet, and the team had been altered by its conclusion to set up for the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War (one of Marvel’s most captivating stroylines). Many of us were curious as to what this could mean for the team roster we have come to love as well as the third film, Avengers Infinity War, and during a press event Senior VP of Production Jeremy Latcham made a few comments on the future of Avengers, explaining:

“Well, I think it definitely is an end to some version of the team that we’ve come to know as The Avengers. Who knows exactly what’s going to happen yet in that film, but I think this version of that team — and I think we started to hint at it at the end of “Age of Ultron,” that the team will be evolving. And one of the things we love in the comics is that the roster is always changing. That new people are coming on to the team, and that you could pick up an Avengers book ten years later and you don’t recognize people on the cover. But the ideas and the ideals and things that make the Avengers the Avengers, still exist, and I think that’s part of what this culmination will be.”

To make it feel a little more dire for the future of our Avengers, he continues, “We’re seeing this version of the team doing this thing to save the universe, the galaxy, however you want to put it, and we’ll kind of see where that goes. It’s not the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I think it is the end of part of it, for sure. We’re still trying to sort out which parts.”

There have been what feels like countless character inclusions to the cinematic Marvel realm so we now that there will be absolutely no shortage of heroes to choose from – but that doesn’t mean the thought of a different Avengers team doesn’t slightly hurt. What are your thoughts on the Avengers developments? Let us know what you think in the comment section!


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