Sarah Michelle Gellar
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After months of speculation we finally know what all important character Sarah Michelle Gellar will play in the upcoming season of Star Wars Rebels! The official Star Wars Twitter account posted a video to announce Gellar’s contribution to the Star Wars universe, and she’ll be providing an intense rivalry as an enemy to the Jedi/Rebel protagonists from the popular animated franchise. Rebels is now gearing up for it’s second season set to air later this month and the wonderful actress will play an inquisitor named the Seventh Sister (Gellar hints that she’s the inquisitor to watch out for). You can expect the inquisitor’s primary goals aligning with direct orders from Darth Vader – to capture remaining Jedi’s and kill any rebel forces in the way, “All Inquisitors want to mess with the Jedi, that’s why we’re put on this Earth. Galaxy, I should say!” Gellar notes.

The actress and lifestyle brand creator explains the Seventh Sister also is under the impression Ahsoka has returned and hopes to locate the former Jedi apprentice of Anakin. Gellar additionally divulges that she hadn’t seen the character beforehand, and that over the course of production she realized the animators included her mannerisms from the recordings to bring the inquisitor to life. Her passion in the video obviously shows that Gellar didn’t take the opportunity at a role in the Star Wars franchise lightly, joyously stating, “I’m now part of the lore and legend of Star Wars – that’s what people dream of.” Of course, she also includes the importance Star Wars plays in extending the notions of right and wrong, while perpetuating gender free lessons acceptable for people of all ages!

The fact that my favorite actress and one of the most well received franchises of all time will be merging has me elated for Star Wars Rebels Season 2, airing October 14th on Disney XD! Watch the video teaser trailer below, and catch up on the 12 episode first season while you can!

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