friday the 13th
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Well this is a project every horror fan should be thankful for!

When it comes to the horror genre, there are iconic villains who have been recurring pop-culture icons for decades, and now a select group of people are doing whatever it takes to bring one of the most well known horror slashers to video game consoles! Gun Media and Illfonic jointly announced on October 13th (Friday the 13th of course) that they were actively developing a video game based on the slasher series Friday the 13th, made famous in the 80’s. The game will focus on multiplayer functions, consisting of seven camp counselors attempting to kill Jason (which isn’t an easy task) or escape Camp Crystal Lake before being killed – but how or if you work with the others will shape the direction of the game. The game as of now only uses multiplayer, which is part of what makes Friday the 13th an early (yet accurate) depiction of a horror film’s survival concept that requires others decisions and reactions to progress. To have such a strong resemblance to a horror film itself in terms of gameplay could make this an iconic installment to horror video games, a genre that could always use more!

The Friday the 13th video game is currently being funded on Kickstarter with $588,000 raised and a goal of $700,000 before Friday, November 13th. The game will be “fueled” by Unreal Engine 4, and if the goal is met – we can assume that we’ll be ready to join Camp Crystal Lake by October 2016! The official kickstarter page explains the major gameplay functions with a mode that slasher lovers are sure to play repeatedly:

• Play as Jason Voorhees – The game you’ve been waiting for; you’ll be stalking the shadows and picking off each and every counselor as the most feared name in horror, Jason Voorhees! Jason will be brought to life in the game and you make the decision of how to go about setting up and performing each kill! We’ll be giving you a slew of abilities to terrify, harass and then brutally dispatch those opposing you.

• Counselors: Fight or Flight – Jason is deadly, but he can be stopped! The movie does have to end, right? You and your fellow counselors will have a multitude of ways to escape from Jason while in Camp Crystal Lake. Not satisfied with simply running? You’ll have the opportunity to try and take Jason out. Be warned, Jason won’t go down easy, and nothing is a sure thing.

friday the 13th
Courtesy Of:

Those who help fund the horror survival game can earn a download code for a $25 contribution, and many other perks are included that go all the way up to premiere events, digital art books, an in-game thank you, and so many more Friday the 13th goodies that are worth the investment as is! If the game manages to reach its goal and continue to grow, it’s been said that more upgrades will be involved in the game such as assorted deaths (heart ripped out, head smash, a back-breaking move and many more). At this point a brief trailer detailing the surroundings has been released to create proper horror ambiance, and build anticipation for the high quality project. I’ve played many horror genre games in my time, but I’m already extremely hopeful that Friday the 13th could become a new favorite, and will bring slashers to the virtual world of gaming! Make sure you check out the Kickstarter page or official website to find more information as well as fund the project – you can guarantee i’ll be following the progress of the game in the near future! (It’ll surely be worth it!)

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