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After 3 marvelous weeks of Chanel-O-Ween, the holiday spectacular officially concluded on last night’s episode of Scream Queens. Last week, we ended with Zayday returning to Kappa and the official vote for Kappa president began – and this week begins right where we last left off, with the reveal that a tie vote will leave Chanel and Zayday as co-presidents of the sorority. An enraged Chanel expresses her anger (mostly for Chanel #5) and states that “Farty McCandle-wax clearly changed the vote!” and makes her dramatic exit. Chanel #3 and #5 track her down to console their leader but discover the truth, Chanel concocted this scheme with the hopes of taking a target off of her back. This plan actually aims to have Zayday targeted and killed by the Red Devil and ensure Chanel’s safety long enough to resume power over her precious sorority. After cluing her minions in on her plans, she pretends to make nice with Zayday and offer her respect and approval to the fellow Kappas. With Zayday now in power, her and Grace get an idea to have a Kappa slumber party with the hopes of playing a revealing game of truth or dare to find out who could be (or be connected to) the killer. Zayday says that two slumber party guarantees are that secrets surface, and at least one girl get bi-curious – which leads to #3 insisting on a game of spin the bottle while staring intently at Sam (formerly known as predatory lez.)

At the Dickie Dollar Scholar frat house, an intervention for Chad’s love of “old people” has become problematic for their reputation. Chad reflects for a moment and promises to focus on his relationship with Chanel for her wealth and power – and Earl Grey says he’s heard about a Kappa sorority they hope to crash. (Looking very suspicious Earl Grey). As Chanel #3 insisted, they begin the slumber party with spin the bottle and #3 also hopes to kiss Sam to address her conflicting attraction to Sam. A second spin makes this a possibility, and the two sneak off and discuss some of their odd similarities, but she ultimately tells Sam that they can’t actually further test what could develop because her love causes people to go a little crazy (Charles Manson’s daughter effect apparently?) She gives an example by telling Sam that the last guy to fall for her left school and still threatens to cut off her perfect ears if her ever sees them again – her reason for wearing earmuffs. “If it were possible for me to feel anything I would totally be crying right now.” #3 explains by ending anything before it can begin.

As the evening progresses, the Kappa ladies realize they have been locked in by the killer. How might that happen you ask? Well after watching Panic Room, Chanel insisted that the Kappa house was renovated into a panic room because the size in the film was hardly accommodating for someone of Chanel’s stature; now the killer has hacked the system and a non existent kill-switch leaves them vulnerable to the Red Devil. Just as they begin to put the pieces together, the lights are cut and the horror is sure to begin. Chanel then calls Chad from her phone (gifted from Elon Musk and geared for space travel) and begs for his help to escape the house. Chad first takes the opportunity to provide honesty and tells his on and off girlfriend he has slept with Dean Munsch and Denise from Secure Enforcement Solutions. She takes a second to be appalled, then returns to begging for his help before she is possibly killed by the Red Devil. The fraternity arrives to the house with a ladder and Chad first climbs up to save Chanel. When she tells him she wants to be with him forever, he hilariously states, “Ugh… I’m not sure I’m ready for that level of commitment.” and refuses to save her until she takes it back (which she does of course.) They then spot the Red Devil making his way to the frat boys outside, and each quickly climb through the window except Caulfield who has no arms. “Red Devil is coming in hot!” Chad exclaims and throws Chanel’s phone at the killer. The Red Devil (obviously unaffected by the mobile device) repeatedly strikes Caulfield with an axe and beheads him in front of a majority of the house – you can tell the killer doesn’t mind having an audience.

Hoping to get answers out of a game of truth or dare (and Chad Radwell refuses to let anyone lie) we learn that Chanel #5’s vagina used to have teeth, #3 likes Sam, and Sam breaks her trust be exploiting her father’s identity. #3 feels betrayed by Sam after admitting her feelings for her and dares Sam to go wait in the basement of the sorority and sit in the infamous bathtub alone. A random dance party started by Chad distracts the others while Sam is attacked by the killer in the Kappa basement. She convinces the killer to reveal his/her identity to her if she’s about to meet her demise – and the killer obliges, “I knew it was you!” Sam says before offering to help the killer if she can live. The Red Devil isn’t up for negotiations and suffocates Sam, making another Kappa casualty. Love was clearly cut short for #3 and Sam, and of course I was rooting for them too!

Chad is approached by Hester when the two are isolated from the others, and attempts to seduce Chad once again. Though he is admittedly turned on, he declines on account of Hester’s instabilities that could result in his penis in a jar – something no man wants. Hester tells Chad that she never comes in second place and always gets what she wants, but is interrupted by Chanel who picks up on the sneaky ways of Hester. Chad hopes to find some sense of – relief, and Chanel comes up with the idea to take tome out of worrying for their lives and play a game of seven minutes in heaven. In case you’re wondering how clear she is on what the two planned on doing, she says “I’m going to ask my boyfriend Chad Radwell to dial ‘0’ on my pink telephone. Chad, would you like to pat the little man in the canoe?” Even though they entered with one thing in mind she asks her boyfriend to take things further between them, and Chad says even though he has moments where he doesn’t want her he always remembers she’s both gullible and rich (two important factors to Chad). It takes him a minute to decide, but he says he will try to be monogamous with his official Kappa girlfriend.

Chanel #5 and Rodger swap with Chanel and Chad for their own seven minutes, and the others hear the screams of Hester that lead them to the basement. The group finds her standing over Sam’s body, and everyone begins to question if Hester is the possible killer. Meanwhile, Rodger grieves over the loss of his brother with #5, and the Red Devil sneaks in through a trap door and shoots him in front of #5 with a nail gun numerous times. #5 screams in terror and shock, but the Red Devil leaves her alive for now (hmm…) and walks out to also leave the fifth Chanel officially single again. The group follows the fearful screams of #5 and Chanel goes over what they know so far… “1) #5 is a psychopath who no one likes. 2) she went into the closet to play seven minutes in heaven with her boyfriend and then he ends up dead. Clearly Chanel #5 is the killer!” Chad confirms that there are for sure two and Chanel then claims it must be Hester and #5 as the killer combo, but process of elimination and locations makes their certainties not so certain after all.

The girls find the door used to navigate in and out of the house, and both Zayday and Chanel agree to check the underground tunnels for an escape route. The halls are lined with portraits of former Kappa presidents and their contributions (like cocaine for Kappa) and Chanel tells her partner that if they survive the murders, they could be the greatest Kappa queens of all time. In the typical rules of a slasher, this statement is followed by the Red Devil appearing at the end of the room approaching them with two axes and clear intent. They begin to flee, but Zayday trips and is attacked by the masked killer. She embraces some gymnast dive rolls and dodges many swings of his blades, but still ends up cornered (It’s worth mentioning how intense this scene is!). Just before the Red Devil can deliver the killing blow, Chanel smashes a light fixture over his head and guides Zayday out to safety (but strictly for numbers to survive she claims.)

The next day, the police and Dean Munsch conclude that the only people in danger are members of the sorority and those dating them, so school can resume for the general masses. Wes storms in and tries to force Grace to leave with him for her own benefit, but she declines and insists that her sisters need her and she won’t leave them to die. Zayday reinforces this notion, and Jennifer walks over to the small group – Zayday places her arm around her thinking they have a united front, but she tells them that “I just came over here because I farted over there and it smelled bad…” Elsewhere, both Chanel #3 and #5 sit together and begin to share their condolences for each others major and recent losses. #3 admits Sam helped her realize she loves love in general and doesn’t identify with an orientation. She also comforts #5 for losing her dual-boyfriends, and reminds her that someone will love her for who she is – vagina teeth and all! This scene in particular was one of my favorite moments of the episode by showing the bond between #3 and #5, as well as their own self discoveries that they’ve uncovered throughout the madness and mayhem of the Red Devil. I really, really want them both to survive – and so do they, after making a pact to do whatever it takes to outlive Chanel. In the episodes final moments, Chanel calls a meeting to congratulate (most) of them for surviving another attack, and express her (semi) gratitude for the sense of sisterhood they are creating amongst each other. Chanel pledges that they won’t lose anymore sisters and that they will have the heads of the Red Devil’s when the dust settles. To drastically change the topic, Zayday proposes they conclude their unfinished evening of bonding by beginning a Kappa dance party, best summed up by Hester, “This is so wonderfully random.” And perfectly followed by #3 who adds, “What a great way to pretend all these people we know weren’t brutally murdered!” and the episode ends with the remaining Kappas finally uniting as a team.

Overall Grade: This was a great way to conclude the Halloween special, and the episode honed in on horror, death, character development, and an all important newly established bond to strengthen the Kappas. The show is already known for being consistently funny, but this episode stepped up the horror elements which was a complete success. I’d give the episode its next‘A’, keep the entertainment coming in full force Scream Queens, my love for the series somehow continues to grow each week.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

-The growing bonds between the Kappa women will prove to be an obstacle for the killers if it manages to last (here’s hoping!)

-#3 and #5 are finding their own individual spotlight, and their friendship is one of my favorites in Scream Queens.

-The Red Devil stepped up his/her game this week with three deaths, and one near death attack. This was probably the episode that solidified how crafty the killers are.

-Chad’s reaction to #3’s relation to Charles Manson was the best: “If you’re not the killer…you should probably ya know, give it a shot. You’d probably be pretty good at it!”

-My top 5 favorites at this point are:
-Pete and Chad. Yes this just became a top 6.


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