Friday The 13th Game Offically Funded


courtesy of: friday the 13th game

Well, I officially cannot wait until October of 2016! The horror survival game Friday the 13th based on the epically popular film franchise will be coming back to consoles with a complete revamp! We earlier reported that the game was in development and being funded on Kickstarter by fans of the films, with a goal of $700,000 to launch the game forward. The crowd funding method raked in over $825,000 before ending its one month funding operation on Friday the 13th. Some of the extras confirmed for the game – because of surpassing the initial goal – includes the methods of death involving mirror smash, head crushing, the memorable sleeping bag demise, and more. Just listing the oddly creative demises of the franchise (I’m a horror buff so don’t judge!) has me completely ready to begin the game as soon as possible, but the developers ensure us there is more extra features to come.

On their social media page, the game’s creators confirmed that they will continue the funding opportunities to achieve other stretch goals that include additional skins for Jason, and the camp counselors (within the next $100,000 raised.) Beyond that, we have others like a space map from Jason X, offline mode, and even a playable Mrs. Voorhees as possibilities for the game that could add an incredible dynamic to the franchise. My other hope is that if the Friday the 13th game goes off without a hitch, who knows what the future of horror series could have in the gaming world! Make sure to keep up with PopWrapped for more Friday the 13th video game updates, and for more information on the game you can also check out the official website or twitter page! Once again, congratulations to all the fans and creators for making this a possibility – from what they’ve shown us so far we have so much to look forward to!

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