Scream Queens: 01×09, Ghost Stories (Review/Recap)

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Every week Scream Queens has managed to provide mysteries surrounding the identity of the Red Devil, and the newest episode titled “Ghost Stories” provided some much needed answers on the 1995 incident, as well as the present day murders. It starts off with Boone in his Joaquin Phoenix disguise in the midst of a phone call with the unknown third killer – planning to murder Gigi and fulfill their own plans. The bearded Boone is seen by Chanel #3 who comes to the conclusion that ghost Boone has returned to haunt her (just go with it) and also clearly decides to make his presence known. The Chanels begin with the Chanel-in-charge sharing the news that she’s been invited to the Radwell’s Thanksgiving by receiving a silver turkey wishbone necklace that Chanel explains is the first step to a Radwell proposal. She finds a dress that she claims is her interpretation of Sacagawea for Thanksgiving, believing she taught the pilgrims to make cranberry sauce and sang “Blue Corn Moon.” After then mixing up Squanto, Sacagawea, and Pocahontas in the process, an anxious Chanel exclaims “I just spent two hours dressing up as the hag who was the third wheel on Lewis and Clark’s gay camping extravaganza?” But Chanel’s cultural mishaps are pushed aside to focus on the fact that she has succeeded in finding love with a rich and popular man (#ChanelGoals).

With it being the last night in Kappa, a house-wide packing session begins and #3 eventually cracks – sharing her encounter with “dead gay Boone.” Denise tells the girls that in moments of fear like #3 is experiencing, ghost stories are the perfect remedy to change your focus. Most of Denise’s stories are all of Japanese origin, (of course) about creatures pulling you into a toilet, or murdering you based on choice of colored toilet paper. The only person enjoying the ghost stories (besides me) would be Hester, effectively frightening the other Chanels. Boone next appears to Chad, going on with the ghost story that Chad seems to believe without question (‘cause he’s his bro!) and it becomes known that he hopes to take Zayday on a date. At the Kappa house, Denise enters a bathroom stall and notices the different colored toilet paper similar to her ghost story (hmm…) and is attacked by the Red Devil who jumps the divider into the enclosed space. Denise struggles fighting off the Red Devil with both attempting to drown each other, but escapes to warn the Chanels just in time. Instead of leaving like sane people, Denise asks one of them to tell another ghost story to calm her nerves. They quickly lock the door, and Hester tells the made-up tale of a woman who is run off the road by another driver. When the girl exits the car, the man follows and claims he was only honking and pursuing her to warn her of a killer in her backseat. Before they can find him, the killer has escaped leaving behind his weapon (also odd side note, a song that relates to the story mentions someone named Pete – which could be random or purposeful.)

The story helps Denise return to her calmer self, but #5 has reached her tipping point and claims she’s ready to leave the campus for good. She makes her exit, and Chanel and Denise decide to remain in the room at least long enough to hear if she is killed so they can determine the killer’s location. I feel for #5 and how overlooked she is, but comedy at her expense is also entirely entertaining. Zayday and Earl Grey find time before leaving to share a first official kiss, and establish there has been chemistry developing between the two. He leaves to gather supplies necessary to create the “perfect” night, and as he leaves – Boone appears to Zayday. He asks to take her out and tries to claim he’s a ghost, but when Grace enters, Zayday tells her, “Boone is in here trying to seduce me with the oldest line in the book. He says he’s a ghost.” Zayday continues to work her way up as another favorite, and she and Grace both deduce he’s the Red Devil. (There is a fork mark from Zayday’s captivity) They try to drag him downstairs, but he fights it and falls from the second story window.

The two rush to the Chanels and tell them Boone is back, but the others have a hard time coming to terms that he could be alive and not a ghost. #5 (who we thought left) is seen standing in front of the door with her various pieces of luggage and repeats the notion that it’s crazy for any of them to still be in the house. (Does anyone else really hope she survives?!) She finally leaves, and Chanel pretends to care but reverts to her underlying disdain for her 5th minion. While she makes her way to the car, Boone finds Earl Grey with his date necessities – killing Zayday’s love interest and revealing his identity to his dying fraternity brother. It was nice briefly knowing you Earl Grey, you will also be missed! As #5 drives away, she is followed by a car that begins to honk and alarm her, until she pulls over and confronts the driver. He explains he had seen someone in the backseat, and the Red Devil appears with a large machete and ready for murder. He kills the helpful trucker in front of the Chanel, sending her back to Kappa once again. Could this be a major indicator of Hester’s involvement? Someone present for the ghost stories must be the unknown third killer…right?

Hester tracks down Chad and questions him as to why he didn’t ask her to his families Thanksgiving (while wearing a new sparkly neckbrace.) The popular Radwell admits that she’s not quite his type (while throwing massive shade) and completely shoots down any idea of them becoming a couple even though he admits to sleeping with her. When #5 returns, no one offers her sympathy and only manages to focus on Boone and the discovery of Earl Grey’s body. Hester eventually returns to the house and exclaims that she’s preganant after sleeping with Chanel’s boyfriend, attempting to dethrone the queen bee and her popular life. Chanel doesn’t have a snarky response for the first time, seeking out Chad for clarity. He tells her that they have slept together, but he wasn’t aware of a pregnancy – and also says that he now must marry Hester as the Radwell way of owning up to his actions. Chanel doesn’t receive news she had hoped to hear for before threatening to make Chad pay the ultimate price. A pissed of Chanel is a force to be reckoned with.

Chanel returns to #3 and #5, apologizing for disregarding sisterhood over her quest for a man and when #5 points out the cruel pranks Chanel has done to her, Chanel says that she always makes things about her – standing by her torment. After making amends (sort of) she asks for their help to kill Hester and regain her boyfriend’s affection – yes, the sisterhood plea was just necessary for getting them to do what she needs. Downstairs, Grace, Zayday, and Munsch all meet with the police who ask her to describe Boone for a police sketch (the incompetent police officers are always a horror-comedy necessity). Munsch tries to offer her help, but Zayday goes through a range of emotions when telling the dean she has allowed this all to occur, “Earl Grey was a good man with good arms and a sexy accent, and now he’s dead. His blood is on your hands.” Munsch takes the words into consideration and tells the officer she will have him fired for his lack of – well, everything. She proceeds to find the Grace and Zayday duo, offering the last bit of information on the 1995 death and tells the girls that there were two babies (a boy and girl.) This only leaves them wondering how Gigi obtained the babies, or how they ended up in an asylum. With every answer, our questions only become more specific to narrow the list of possible killers and the reveal is almost tangible.

A meeting of the three killers takes place and Boone tells the unidentified murder that he is ready to kill Gigi when she returns. Gigi makes her entrance, telling Boone that there is an APB out for him now that he has put their plans at risk. Now we really start to get some confirmations when Boone tells Gigi he was “motherless” for months, and has prepared for this for years. He admits that his whole persona thus far to others as been a façade, and begins to corner Gigi with the intention of finally taking her out of the equation. He says they are grown now and are done taking orders, but the third killer chooses to end Boone’s life and continue the plot for payback with Gigi. While we may not have learned the identity officially, we now know 100% that the killer is definitely Boone’s sister and the Kappa child, which means the list of suspects just narrowed exponentially. At Kappa, Chanel invites the other Chanels to her closet and offers Hester soft cheese, sushi, and alcohol which proves she has fabricated her supposed pregnancy with Chad. Hester cops to lying about the baby, telling Chanel she’ll make sure she’s pregnant after the trip to him families home. Chanel lets out a surprisingly high pitched scream, and chases Hester to the stairs. She begins with an inauthentic apology and Hester slowly steps closer to her “mom” until Chanel is in close proximity to shove Hester down the winding spiral staircase. When she hits the bottom a snap is heard, and Chanel says she has created her very own ghost story to stop others from messing with a queen of the prestigious Kappa house. I can’t quite believe that Hester is dead because I still feel there is a high likelihood that she is the killer, but we’ll know more next week with only a few episodes of Scream Queens!

Overall Grade:  The first half of the episode provided more quirky and horror trope humor, with the second half utilizing the Red Devil more than most episodes so far! I enjoy that the attacks or confrontations are increasing, creating a lack of security around our favorite characters – which is one of the most entertaining aspects to a slasher series. With the last two weeks having standout scenes involving the Red Devil, my Scream Queens appreciation continues to grow! Knowing that Ryan Murphy has confirmed that all but 3-4 characters will be killed is leaving me anxiously excited for the remainder of the season, and the twists and turns bound to occur. “Ghost Stories” earns an ‘A’ for providing plot payout, and consistently proving a horror-comedy slasher series can work for broadcast television. Those of you who aren’t watching Scream Queens are seriously missing out on a fantastic blend of two genres!

Aedan’s Final Thoughts

  • I loved dean Munsch calling out Grace for being so self involved.
  • This episode began as a goofy installment to the series, but actually guided us closer to the unmasking of the remaining Red Devil.
  • Things are getting serious after three deaths, one possible demise, and numerous attacks occurred in this episode alone.
  • #5 was definitely an MVP for the Chanels this week and I love their wicked sisterhood.
  • At this point I only have two major suspects as the third killer – Hester and Chanel #3. #3 would be a difficult reveal because of her reaction to Boone when nobody was around, so Hester seems to be much more likely as the unknown Red Devil. The use of the ghost stories, her timing with other killings, and love for death has put her as a prime suspect.

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