Scream Queens: 01×10, Thanksgiving (Review/Recap)


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It’s a very Scream Queens Thanksgiving! Last week, we ended on a massive cliffhanger with Chanel pushing Hester down a spiral staircase, and we pick up on episode 10 episode with Chanel and Chad discussing Thanksgiving plans. Chanel decides to tell Chad the truth about Hester’s fake pregnancy – and her little act of murder to keep them together. Chad is aroused by the thought of death yet again, and Chanel agrees to at least let him see the remains of Hester. When they open the meat locker, her body is missing (Chanel points out the alternate universe that is the meat locker of missing bodies.) and Chad warns his uber rich girlfriend to beware of Hester’s plausible revenge scheme. Gigi and the unknown Red Devil discuss the recent plot twist that resulted in the sibling murdering her brother Boone to stay committed to the long running plan. The killer seems resentful for having to murder her brother, but Gigi does her very best to keep her on her own side for the remainder of their revenge. Gigi tells the other killer that she is thankful to have someone to call family, an almost touching scene (minus the part where they are both murderers) and the Red Devil is lastly shown staring back at Gigi with a knife in hand. Sure, the knife was meant for the Quail Gigi ordered, but the frozen stare doesn’t bode well for her. 

At the Swenson family home, #3 arrives for Thanksgiving and is met with lukewarm reception. She is forced to sit in the furthest row of recliners for a football game and frozen turkey meal the family has become so wealthy for. After trying to abide by their traditions (for a minute) she tells the Swenson’s that this isn’t what thanksgiving is about – and how she’s upset nobody bothered to ask about her “sort of” friends who were recently murdered. Realizing she’ll never get the attention she deserves or desires from her family, #3 decides to return to her real home at the Kappa house and discovers Dean Munsch using the empty home as a way to escape her own family. They commiserate and agree to have a Kappa/University Thanksgiving with the remainder of those still around, creating a perfect opportunity for the killer to strike. 

Grace tells her father that she’ll be staying at the Kappa house for Thanksgiving with Zayday, #3, and Munsch as an orphans Thanksgiving – and Grace decides to extend an olive branch by inviting her father as well. The Radwell family holiday begins with giving thanks to their interests – like their families prominence and avoiding death. The family is made up of recognizable actors Chad Michael Murray and Patrick Schwarzenegger as Chad Radwell’s polarizing brothers. Chad’s mother takes the opportunity to make a few passive aggressive digs towards Chanel and her family (fun fact: Chanel reveals her ancestor signed the back of the Declaration of Independence and arrived via Mayflower) but Chanel eventually snaps. She screams that the Radwell matriarch is lucky for the distance between them at the table, until a new guest arrives… The supposedly deceased Hester! 

Hester explains to Chanel that her neckbrace broke her stumble down the stairs, and the cold floor of the meat locker helped stop swelling – so Chanel actually helped Hester after all! Hester then makes the announcement that she’s carrying a Radwell baby, but his mother shoots down the claim instantly and says the only thing Hester is carrying is a “poo belly” something she seemingly will never escape! The Kappa Thanksgiving commences, and it becomes a whodunit evening with multiple accusations swirling around. Munsch points a finger at #3, and in return she questions Munsch’s involvement – beginning the search for answers. Chanel tries to call her mother for advice while at the Radwell’s, but she’s ultimately useless to her as she has become drunk already. Chad’s dad finds her post-call and continues the insults, referring to her as trash before offering Ms. Oberlin $50,000 to breakup with his son. Chad suggests it’s a good offer, and admits to Chanel that he’s got more reason to believe Hester than her at this point. Not fun for Chanel to hear in the middle of a less than stellar holiday.

At the Kappa house, Chanel #5 makes a suspicious entrance to the Thanksgiving dinner, just in time to hear accusations against dean Munsch. They realize the dean has lied about her lunch meat allergy, but their questioning is halted when Grace’s father makes his claim that his own daughter is the Red Devil. The others then begin to question her and the possibility of Grace being behind the mask of the Red Devil except for Zayday. Her father has some valid points but it’s very disheartening that he doesn’t believe his own daughter! Pete is eventually brought into it (I’m still suspicious of him) and he completely defends Grace’s involvement. Pete turns the tables, now accusing Wes of actually being a prime suspect and responsible for a majority of the on-campus deaths. 

The Radwell family begins their annual game of Pictionary, and everyone relentlessly begins to make fun of Hester’s appearance. Chanel doesn’t take well to the mocking of her Kappa sister, and silences them with a public apology to Hester/#6. She admits to attempted murder (minuscule issue right?) but states that their sisterhood is more important – and she doesn’t deserve to be known as “Neckbrace whore”. She takes turns insulting the family members and leaves Chad, with Hester finally backing up her Kappa sister. Seeing them choose each other over the Radwell’s for the first time was a crucial scene and development for the rocky relationship between Hester and Chanel – but I wouldn’t be surprised if the issue resurfaces before the end.

Back at the Kappa house, Pete continues his claims about Wes being involved in the Red Devil murders. His placement at the party, knowledge of the tunnels, tampering with cameras, and a DNA test has pushed Pete’s theory as a possibility to the others at the dinner. Pete’s digging has also resulted in a reveal that Wes is actually the father of Boone (and clearly the other baby) which causes the others to question him further. Wes and Grace have a moment alone together, and he tells his daughter he feels extreme guilt that his own children are out there murdering innocent people unbeknownst to him. She confirms to her father that she won’t be afraid to end it, and that he is her real family regardless of whatever happens. 

Things begin to wind down, and Chanel returns to the Kappa house to enjoy their first diner together as a fractured but semi-strong family. Chad also rejoins his on/off girlfriend and Hester is noticeably irritated by his return. They prepare their dinner with everyone except for Denise and Gigi, and Chanel takes a brief moment to enjoy her surroundings, seemingly subdued and pleasant compared to her typical snarky (but lovable) mannerisms. Just as the other Chanels bring out the turkey, #5 points out its light density and Chanel uncovers it, only for the room to realize it’s been replaced with Gigi’s severed head and everyone lets out a fearful scream. With only one killer remaining and two weeks left, we should be getting a lot of answers very soon for the entirely entertaining series Scream Queens!

Overall Grade: Scream Queens gave us a better view of Chanel #3’s life, reminding me why she’s one of my favorite standout characters so far. Chanel made her best attempt to make amends with her Kappa sister Hester/#6, and I was pleasantly surprised by the two burying the hatchet – without it being in each others back! The constant whodunit scenarios being projected in this episode accurately depicted the viewers narrowing their list of suspects, making this week’s episode a necessary installment. It also benefitted by having the plot twist of Wes being the father of the killers, and half siblings to Grace. The Scream Queens “Thanksgiving” receives an ‘A-

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

-My top three suspects would be

    -Chanel #3

    -Chanel #5


    -Pete (more of a wildcard if there were a gender mix-up)

-Chanel #5’s family has yet to be shown, and she just happened to miss a family occasion when appearing at the end of the episode.

-Chanel and Hester would make such a strong duo; I hope they can continue to fight the urges they receive regarding Chad Radwell.

-The Radwell family dinner was a nice chance to see the wacky bunch that spawned an oddball with an obsession for death.

-RIP Gigi. Though she’s caused trouble as the Red Devil, her scene with the third killer created sympathy for her lack of family – and the deceptions she believed from the third murderer.

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