DC Films Update: Superhero Diversity, Teen Titans, Aquaman, And More!


Courtesy Of: ComicBook.com

There has been a lot of anticipation surrounding the current plans for the DC film universe, with Batman V. Superman, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman all either completed or currently in production. There have been confirmations of the expanded universe with films centered on Aquaman, Cyborg, and a Green Lantern film, but now it’s been reported by JoBlo that things could be picking up speed. The report claims that for the upcoming Aquaman film we will see the lead character opposed by his half brother and uber villain Black Manta, but Aquaman will be joined by his powerful love interest, queen Mera. It is also being reported that the DC film universe is seeking to include diversity across the board, with casting Mera as a “non-white” actress like the comic book character, and even talk of incorporating a largely important gay superhero character in the near future. This is something I’d really like to see happen in the DCEU, so hopefully the studio chatter becomes a reality. 

It’s also rumored that WB will be seeking to expand the planned Cyborg film as a Teen Titans team up film that could expand on the story of the popular young DC team. There have been motions in support of creating a TNT series based on the Teen Titans, so what this means for the potential series remains to be seen. (Just please include Starfire, Terra, and Beast Boy please?) The Green Lantern film slated for 2020 is now in talks to also be another team up film between longtime lantern corps. members, Hal Jordan and John Stewart – that JoBlo claims will be a “lethal weapon” style movie focused on the galactic heroes.  Rounding out the DC teams, Latino Review recently noted that WB is hoping to keep the heroic diversity in full swing by possibly moving forward with a Birds Of Prey film. The Birds Of Prey movie would supposedly include fan favorite characters Black Canary (actresses rumored to be in talks for the role are Abbey Lee and Alona Tal) and Oracle/Batgirl, but any addition to the team beyond that remains unknown.

Now there is a good amount of information to process, but all of these are definitive signs that the DCEU plans on appealing to all audiences, something Marvel hasn’t completely utilized as of yet. Don’t get me wrong, I love many Marvel films, (Whedon’s Avengers films are a masterpieces) but I’m curious to see how DC moves forward with their plans that stray from Marvel’s formula. The Teen Titans and Birds of Prey films additionally make me wonder how much weight the current network series will have, but with so many potentially spectacular movies in the works, I really don’t mind the possibility of them becoming separate entities. What are your thoughts, and what DC film are you most excited for?


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