New Batman Vs Superman Trailer Reveals An Iconic Villain



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Apparently DC knows that the upcoming Batman Vs Superman film is bound to succeed after revealing an early spoiler in the newest trailer for the hyped film. This particular trailer shows the first interaction between Batman and Superman, but as their everyday alter-egos Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. The rivalry between the two is shown to be based on beliefs of vigilante justice (Superman isn’t quite down for the idea) and Batman takes issue with the events of Man of Steel that nearly leveled out an entire city and its population.

Lex Luthor also gets some spotlighted time in the trailer, amused by the war being waged between the two caped heroes, and describes it as the “greatest gladiator battle in the history of the world.” The trailer skips what I would assume is a large part of the story and shows the pair unite against a common enemy (plus a great Wonder Woman appearance!) known as Doomsday! Yes, the one and only Doomsday who is responsible for the death of Superman in the comics and is regarded as one of the most powerful foes in the DC universe. While some may be surprised the showed the enemy so soon, I believe it just successfully built up even more anticipation for the crucial film to kick start the rest of the DC film franchises we’re so eager to see.

The trailer gives away chunks of plot from the beginning, middle, and what I’d imagine is the end, but this is by far my favorite of the teasers we’ve received. The dynamics between characters radiates a true comic book vibe transferred to the big screen, in a very – very large scale film that is certainly prepared to raise the bar for all superhero films. Sure, the film will have a necessary gritty ambiance incorporated, but the fun, over the top comic inspirations seen in this trailer could be a perfect combination for a mixture of motion picture and original comic material. I’m seriously counting the days until Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is released on March 25th, 2016 and watching the trailer below on repeat!

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